Iran: Two Kurdish teachers sentenced to death

by Kal El on July 14, 2008 · 1 comment

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Speak out for human rights in Iran? That’s a fatwa.

Tehran, 11 July (AKI) – Two Kurdish teachers in Iran, Farzad Kamangar and Farhad Vakili, have been sentenced to death.

The two teachers were known for their work in the campaign calling for greater respect for human rights.

Kamangar, is among the founders of the independent union of teachers in Iranian Kurdistan, and a known trade union activist.

Various international associations and institutions, including the European Union, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have protested against Kamangar’s death sentence.

They have called for a fair and impartial trial for the Kurdish teacher who was accused of “collaborating with armed organisations” and “counter-revolutionary activities”.

The news that Kamangar received the death penalty, even surprised his lawyer who said that they would appeal the sentence at the international court at the Hague.

A fair and impartial trial is all but impossible under shariah law, which Iran practices, thus the rampant violations of human rights of her own citizens.

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