Iran votes to discuss Death penalty for bloggers

by Infidelesto on July 7, 2008 · 8 comments

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It’s things like this that make you appreciate America. But don’t ask your village liberal who will spin it to make Iran look like they were pushed into it by the evil Boosh regime.

On Wednesday, Iranian members of parliament voted to discuss a draft bill that seeks to “toughen punishment for disturbing mental security in society.” The text of the bill would add, “establishing websites and weblogs promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy,” to the list of crimes punishable by death.

In recent years, some Iranian bloggers have been sent to jail and many have had their sites filtered. If the Iranian parliament approves this draft bill, bloggers fear they could be legally executed as criminals. No one has defined what it means to “disturb mental security in society”.

Such discussion concerning blogs has not been unique to Iran. It shows that many authorities do not only wish to filter blogs, but also to eliminate bloggers!

A state policy to control blogs

About a year and a half ago, the Iranian government demanded that bloggers should register and provide their names and addresses on a site called Samandehi. Many people believed such a process would facilitate legal action against them.

Bloggers resisted and many published an “I do not register my blog/site” banner on their blogs. The Government then realised it cannot have real control of the situation, or force bloggers to register.

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  • Tonto (USA)

    The mullanazis are insane. Can’t be any doubt of that anymore. I really feel sorry for their own people that they are oppressing the living shit out of. Hell, their islmifanaticism is oppressing the whole damn world. The entire religion needs to be stamped out. Hopefully they will be overthrown from within…..but I wonder if people who have been slaves for the last 1400 years have the stones to do that.

  • Tonto (USA)

    How come my gravatar don’t show?

  • Rudy


    Not sure, I had a similar problem, it took a few days to update.

    And yes, the mullanazi’s (can I use that word now, without copyright infringing on you? :D )are insane. That is part of the requirements to become an islamic scholar.

  • carolyne

    I can’t even get my user name to be accepted or password on the Gravatar?
    Sent a message but no reply?  Need Help, please!

    Comment on this ridiculous decussion:
    However the pain evoked by the Iranian Parliament has caused among other things is so asinine and stupid, what will they think up next?  Wipe them off the planet as I have said many times.  These rank devil worshipers are not worth killing or the time of day.  They are using up energy and oxygen on the earth. Hurry before they multiply any more.  Boy they can dish it out but can’t take it!!!!!!! HA – HA! Yellow – chickens!  Islam is so corrupt, not worth saving, no hope!  Islam doesn’t have scholars – too empty headed.

  • jennyjen

    I guess disturbing the mental security in an Islamic society would be introducing new ideas, enlightenment and encouraging a thought process. Cryin’ shame!

  • Tonto (USA)

    On a bright note, if the mullahtards are reacting like this to the Internet, and reports of more and stricker penalties on the irani people for apostacy,  dress codes, forbidden celebrations and things are really getting tough for the dhimmis in their midst, there is an indicator there.  Monitoring all things possible on Iran shows that 1. The govt is spending more than raking in. 2. the Irani economy is getting worse and worse. 3. Overt and covert resistance is becoming more common. 4. The incidence of apostacy is happening more often (they just decreed death for apostacy) and a mullah was just whining about it in the news. 5. Dhimmis and outre sects like Bahai are being alienated.  If all this is true, then it follows that the mullahscrotes are running scared.  They’re losing (that all important thing to islaminazis) “CONTROL” of hearts, minds and bodies.  Maybe that’s why Bush and the Israelis are holding back.  Maybe they see another Irani revolution on the way.  I’m not too hopeful.  I still think the anti-mullah population is like our libs, they lack the nads.

  • julius

    As a free thinker and Blogger,An independent American who still Believes in the American dream ,A poet,writer,Artist,a tolerant of Gays,Jews,People of Color and Cuture,Religion and the just. Even good Muslims, I support the Fight for freedom and counter-terrorism,I eat Pork products occasionally not for religious dictatorship but because of the nitrates and fat.I go to worship whenever,However, whatever I please.So To the Iranian who would kill me just for blogging my mind,Come and get some,Oh by the way I am a Trained Ninja,so you might have a difficult time,ASSHOLE.

  • Ralph E. Vaughan

    Some of the traffic for comes out of the Middle East…gee, I hope everyone still has their heads in the proper place.