Iranian Film Praising Sadat's Killers Irks Cairo

by Kal El on July 24, 2008 · 0 comments

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CAIRO – When it seemed that all was going smoothly on the Cairo-Tehran diplomatic front and full relations were not far off after a near 30-year hiatus, out comes a movie in Iran praising the assassins of late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat that throws both governments into a bitter row.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak summoned a senior Iranian diplomat in Cairo to explain the reason for the film, titled “Assassination of a Pharaoh” after it was shown on no less than Iranian national television.

The movie, which praises the assassins, has embroiled Egyptian sentiments that have long been festering after Iran blatantly named a street after Sadat’s killer.

Tehran backed off then by ending its glorification of Sadat’s killer, who many in Iran see as a hero due to Sadat’s peace deal with Israel.

The movie, however, has torn off the bandages of decades of old wounds between the two nations.

Some think Iran will suffer from the renewed animosity more than Egypt.

“It is obvious that this will definitely be worse for Iran, because Iranians are the ones who mostly want to have political relations with Egypt. This simply gives Egyptians another reason to hate Iranians,” said Joseph Fahim, Egypt’s Daily News arts and culture editor.

The countries have not had full diplomatic relations since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran when Sadat hosted the deposed shah in Egypt when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took power.

Wow. This is what the world has to look forward to if islam establishes another caliphate. They will have no kuffars left to kill, so they will look for and make excuses to kill each other.

Read the rest in the Middle East Times.

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