Italy – Pakistani teenager leaps from balcony to avoid forced marriage

by Kal El on July 2, 2008 · 5 comments

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Alessandria, 2 July (AKI) – A 15-year-old Pakistani girl was hospitalised after reportedly jumping from a balcony in the northern Italian town of Alessandria.

She had refused an arranged marriage with a 16-year-old Pakistani.

“My parents had already been in touch with his and told me I would be marrying him. I have nothing against him but I do not love him,” Turin-based La Stampa daily quoted the girl as telling police from her hospital bed on Wednesday.

La Stampa called the girl ‘Piccola’ and said medics had operated on fractures to her legs sustained after falling from the family’s balcony onto a roof below.

Piccola, who has grown up in Italy, is said to be well integrated here. She wears western-style clothes and has Italian schoolfriends.

“I told my parents that I didn’t love the boy and why should I live with him?” Piccola reportedly told the police.

Piccola said she did not reproach her parents for their choice, but said she had felt desperate to escape the fate they had chosen for her.

Neighbours described Piccola and her family as “good, really polite people, all of them.”

The neighbourhood of Alessandria the family lives in, Cristo, is respectable and is home to generations of immigrants, La Stampa reported.

The previous centre-left Italian government issued a ‘charter of values’ for immigrants after the tragic case of another young Pakistani girl, Hina Saleem who was murdered by male relatives in August 2006.

Hina’s father Mohammed, confessed to slitting 20-year-old Hina’s throat for ‘dishonouring the family’ because she lived with an Italian man, wore jeans and worked in a pizzeria.

Mohammed and two male relatives were each sentenced last year to 30 years in jail for Hina’s murder. A blue-collar worker, Mohammed had been living in Italy as a legal immigrant for decades and was in the process of applying for Italian citizenship.

Gee, didn’t someone who posts some longwinded comments on a recent blog entry say something along the lines of “If so,why are so many American women converting to Islam based mainly because of the respect and status they are given?” Couldn’t tell you, but most of the women I know want nothing to do with islam, and that includes a ton of Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian, and Iranian girls. Go figure.

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  • Saul Wall

    Islam is at war with everything non-Islamic. Even if many or most Muslims do not support the open violence of A.Q. the seeds of the war are integrated deeply into the scriptures, teachings and nature of the Islamic ideology. The fact that many Muslims do not know or are able to ignore that nature of their religion and its history does not make the system less worthy being confronted.

    But the governments of America and other nations are wise to confine their activities to war against terrorists and their supporters and to maintaining liberty and human rights. The war against Islam is fundamentally the duty and talent of those who can meet it on the intellectual and cultural field of battle. Infidels, apostates, intellectuals and other associated enemies of Allah need to feel no guilt over confronting, criticizing and confounding the ideology of submission and deceit. It is not racist or ethnocentric to value freedom, intellectual inquiry and basic human rights.

    That all said. It is a matter of reducing the suffering and ignorance caused by Islam, not survival. Islam is hiding its demographic free fall in fertility rates behind temporarily rising (and yet slowing) population totals. Islam is a wash in apostasy and the more they try to hide it and pressure it and clamp down on it the worse it gets.

    The extreme behavior and excessive religiosity we see is the one side of Muslims getting to know what their scriptures really say due to rising literacy and availability of information. The other side is apostasy. Whether by fighting or fleeing, Islam looses numbers from the education of its members. Others die from honour-slayings, suicide or genetic defects like thalassemia from excessively repetitive cousin marriages. Those “no-go” areas in Europe’s “Muslim” neighborhoods are no-go for Christian preachers and others but within them live increasing numbers of black Africans – some Muslim but many Christian, animist and such as well as Christian Arab refugees. North African and Middle Eastern Muslim immigrants are becoming smaller proportions of immigrant entries due to factors like (slowly) rising employment in the homelands and stricter immigration control cooperation between Mediterranean nations. People smugglers need to go further afield and that means increases in non Muslim Africans and Asians.

    Islam is dieing and our job is to speed up the time-frame to reduce the suffering it still causes.

  • anon

    “Piccola said she did not reproach her parents for their choice, but said she had felt desperate to escape the fate they had chosen for her.”

    At this day and age in the heart of Europe! Another, young, underage girl forfeits her life. Brainwashed from birth into believing that the basic fundamental human right, such as that of a making life altering decision, like choosing her own husband did not apply to her! Thanks to multiculturalism, slavery is alive and well.

  • jennyjen

    This poor girl jumped off the roof to avoid marriage to a man she did not love. Hopefully her bravery will not be forgotten and other families who believe in this pre-arranged marriage bullshit will give it up for the sakes of their daughters.

  • aishaladon

    as I said befor . islam forbids forced marriage. therefore it is punishable and invalid. their is culture and their is islam. that is why women in other countries don’t love islam. true islam is not practiced there, women can’t read ans are unaware of their rights. I said american women not all women . please don’t mis quote me. just as your are against extremeism so am I. I’m spreading the real islam, nit HISlam of man. so as other religions.

  • aishaladon

    zorry for typos on cell phone watching fireworks. happy independace day.