Muslims Kill Christian Teenager For Courting Muslim Girl

by Kal El on July 21, 2008 · 7 comments

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A 19 year old Pakistani Christian was beaten to death by muslims, for courting a muslimah.

LAHORE, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)– The body of a Christian teenager has been hauled out of a canal in Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore after he was beaten to death there for courting a Muslim girl, BosNewsLife learned Friday, July 18.

The 19-year-old boy, whose name was changed into Peter for security reasons, was murdered by the girl’s father and two uncles in what they described as an ‘honour killing’, Christian family members and investigators said.

Peter and the 19-year-old girl apparently began their relationship through mobile phone chatting, an increasingly popular way of communicating among youngsters across Asia.

Interfaith contacts and marriages between Christians and Muslims are allowed under Islamic law, but such relationships are often opposed by Islamic clerics and hard-line Muslims, according to religious rights investigators.

The troubles for Peter apparently began when the girl’s family forced her to call him and invite the boy to a secluded location. Peter reportedly immediately hired a motorbike to reach the area, but he would not find his girlfriend. Instead, her father and two uncles awaited the boy and allegedly beat him to death.


“They took Peter by force. They trussed him and tortured him for almost two days. Peter could not bear the severity of the torture and died eventually,” said Joseph Francis, who leads rights group Center for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), which gives legal support to reportedly persecuted Christians in Pakistan. The Muslim family could not be reached for comment. 

CLAAS lawyers say police have so far rejected to register the case as murder and are describing it as  suicide. “The police were prejudiced, because it was a matter of religion,” Francis added. CLAAS made clear it would try to seek justice for Peter’s family in a local court.   

“Sadly, all too often, Christians in Pakistan are treated as substandard citizens with few civil liberties under the law,” the group said in a statement. “That prejudice is [reflected] by the obvious negative response by police. [We want] to see that [they are] impartial, regardless of religion.” The group said it had urged supporters to “pray for Peter’s family” and for “awareness” among to end “dividing human beings in different classes.”


The chairman of Rays Of Development Organization (ROD), Ferhan Mazher, told BosNewsLife that his Pakistani human rights group has “condemned the killing of a Christian youth for merely talking to a Muslim girl on a cell phone.”

Mazher stressed that ROD is involved in efforts to “eradicate” the “honour killings” from Pakistan’s society. “In Pakistan live people of diverse faiths…Honour killing is a menace for the country,”

He said ROD wants to help make Pakistan a country of “interfaith peace, love, tolerance and harmony.” 

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  • Tonto (USA)

    So what is their plan for the girl?  Gang rape? Typical muslim animals.

  • Danny

    christians are taught there whole lives to show compassion /love/peace to all people of the world even those that hate us and in return we get killed/persecuted by islamics from generation to generation— just remember we show forgiveness to you islamics/muslims because we love our god jesus christ but when jesus comes to take his people with him to heaven in the end days there wont be forgiveness but he will throw you evil islamics in hell for eternity so better think about it

  • Randi

    look you both are stupid. this isnt about religion or race. its about the LAW! @tonto-do not say typical muslim animals… that saying itself made u just as hateful as the people who did this. im a white christian female and i say this. It is not all “muslims” that are this way… it was these particular muslims. it is not a fault of all muslims so do not blame them. and @danny- who cares what we believe or they believe??? who cares about anything except the fact that this boy was killed for loving someone. and that it was NOT suicide and WAS murder. these people should be placed in prison and on trial for murder.

    • Hellosnackbar

      Then why are so many Mohammedans cursed with barbarism?
      That’s a rhetorical question;it’s because they are the victims of the purulent death cult that is euphemistically called a religion.
      Peace on earth to all men of good will is decidely absent from the Mohammedan mantra

    • SirWilhelm

      I find it hard to believe you are a “white christian female”. If you are, you are the stupid one, because it is obviously about religion. All Muslims are taught, although they may or may not believe it, that Islam is the one true religion, which leads them to believe that marrying anyone that is not Muslim dishonors them. Few Muslims condemn “honor killings” like these, so, we can blame them when they continue to happen. And Christians may not care what they believe, because they are willing to live in peace with non-Christians, but Muslim’s beliefs all too often lead to violence.These murderers may be tried and placed in prison, but it won’t stop “honor killings” in Pakistan, because Islam encourages their belief that they are necessary.

    • Christine_S

      This most certainly IS about Islam, Randi. While Muslim men are allowed to marry non-Muslim women, the opposite is not true. A Muslim women who marries a non-Muslim man is guilty of violating “Allah’s law”. Remember, men are “in charge” of women and marriage to a kafir would interfere with a Muslim woman’s complete submission to Allah. Many incidents like these are never reported. Those few that are held responsible for these senseless crimes rarely receive more than a slap on the wrist. Venting our feelings and pointing out obvious truths does not make us “just as hateful”, and, more importantly, does not result in the death of innocent people. Those responsible for the torture and murder of this man were acting in defense of their twisted beliefs and I’m sure these “particular Muslims”, in accordance with Sharia, treated the girl similarly. I, too, find it difficult to believe you are a “white christian female”. You are either stupid, as SirW suggests, completely ignorant or a liar…hard to tell sometimes. We care about the beliefs of these uncivilized savages because those beliefs are a profound danger to all civilized people as these desert lunatics continue to invade non-Muslim countries with the intent to instill their brutal culture and “religious” laws. Your weak argument that these vicious crimes are not the fault of “all Muslims” is meaningless and tiresome. Islam is to blame. The followers of Islam are to blame – all of them. Go be “righteous” somewhere else, Randi. There are plenty of bleeding-heart liberal websites that would welcome your “understanding” point of view.

      • funkybarfly

        Excellent summation,Christine.
        Randi is of the type who believe that Islam isn’t evil at its core and beyond redemption.Sigh.
        I recently caught George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead on late night telly.It was a hoot.Reminded me of tolerant libtards roaming the streets looking for brains because they didn’t have any of their own.