Philippine bishop reports receiving threat to convert to islam

by Kal El on July 29, 2008 · 3 comments

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Another day, another kuffar told to convert to islam or pay the jizya (the tax kuffars pay when they become subjugated under islam as dhimmis – think protection money extorted by the mafia, but at leat the mafia have some respect and wouldn’t threaten a man of the cloth). That is some ‘religion’ of ‘peace’.

MANILA, Philippines (CNS) — A bishop in the southern Philippines reported receiving a letter threatening him with harm if he does not convert to Islam or pay “Islamic taxes.”

Bishop Martin Jumoad of Isabela also told the Asian church news agency UCA News that he got text messages from Catholics saying they, too, had received threatening letters.

Bishop Jumoad said a student of Claret College in Isabela, the capital of Basilan province, was told to give the school secretary the letter to pass to the bishop.

The bishop sent a copy of the letter July 19 to church-run Radio Veritas in Quezon City, northeast of Manila.

The letter had the names “Puruji Indama” and “Nur Hassan J. Kallitut” printed at the bottom and “mujahedin” under each name. The purported senders introduced themselves as “Muslim warriors” who “don’t follow any laws other than the Quran,” Islam’s holy book.

They said Bishop Jumoad should choose to convert to Islam or give “jizya,” Islamic tax, to their group in exchange for protecting him in the “place of Muslims.”

If he refuses to convert or pay, the letter threatened “force, weapons or war may be used” against him. It warned him not to feel safe even if he is “surrounded by soldiers” and cited bombings in various cities.

Bishop Jumoad was given 15 days to respond, with two mobile phone numbers to contact.

“If we do not receive response from you, it means you will oppose,” the letter added.

A document written in the local dialect on the letterhead of “Al-Harakatul Islamiyya” accompanied the letter. The bishop said he did not recognize the names, but has encountered the phrase “Al-Harakatul” in kidnapping incidents in Basilan involving Abu Sayyaf, a guerrilla group named as a terrorist organization by various countries.

On July 21, CBCP News, the online news site of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, reported the kidnapping of five parishioners of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Sumisip.

St. Vincent Ferrer is among nine parishes of Isabela prelature, which covers all of Basilan, where 96,000 Catholics form 30 percent of the population. Except for the city of Isabela, the rest of the province belongs to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

On July 22, provincial administrator Talib A. Barahim told UCA News that no one had reported receiving a ransom demand for the release of the parishioners. He said Gov. Jum Akbar of Basilan, the provincial police director and Basilan mayors met the previous day and planned to make a “citizen’s arrest.”

He added that he was aware of the threatening letters sent to Bishop Jumoad and other Catholics.

In Manila July 21, Hamid Barra, Muslim convener of the Bishops-Ulama Conference, said that according to the teachings of Islam, life is sacred. He recited a verse from the Quran that says whoever kills a person without justification kills all people.

The expert on Islamic law also explained that non-Muslims who are protected by an Islamic government are required to pay jizya, which the state uses to support the poor and the needy.

In a non-Islamic country like the Philippines, “there is no such payment required of non-Muslims,” he said.

No such payment required of non-muslims… That is only because muslims are the minority there. Wait until they become a significant number, then the rioting starts, like in France and Denmark. Also conveniently left out is the part about the jizya helping the poor. I guess by poor he means those jihadists in Gaza who launch rockets daily, into Israel, or those poor jihadists in the Waziristan area who are low on ammunition for their acts of terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Check out the story in the Catholic Explorer.

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  • Philip Saenz

    I have bad news for evil Muslims. Their own  Qur’an Sura 9 Verse 11 predicts their demise.  It was on 9/11 that the evil Arabs flew the deadly planes into the towers of The World Trade Center.  Notice that the Qur’an’s Sura 9:11 corresponds to the date 9/ll.

    Quote from the Qur’an:

    “For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome EAGLE.  The wrath of the EAGLE would be felt throughout the lands of Allah, and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair, still more rejoiced for the wrath of the EAGLE cleansed the land of Allah, and there was peace,” (Sura 9 Verse 11).

    Evil Muslims, the EAGLE represents America, that is, the United States of America.  The evil Muslims awoke the EAGLE on 9/11.  Since then, the EAGLE has destroyed thousands and thousands of you evil Muslims, and it will continue destroying evil Muslims unless evil Muslims turn into decent human beings and stop waging war.  This is a fair warning, Evil Muslims. Surrender or die, and you will die as the Qur’an predicts if you continue waging war.

    My advice to you bad Muslims is to turn into decent human beings.  If not, prepare for death.

  • Saul Wall

    “9.11″:    But if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, they are your brethren in faith; and We make the communications clear for a people who know.

    This has been a long running urban myth. I am as critical of Islam as anyone but calling people evil and telling them to prepare for death is not the best way to make them reevaluate their belief system. They will just get defensive.

  • Philip Saenz

    Saul Wall, notice that I’m speaking only of “evil Muslims.”  The evil Muslims are always defensive and also agressive. The nice Muslims are simply nice Muslims. If they are truly nice, they will not become defensive nor agressive. If they are truly peaceful, they have nothing to fear. If they are evil, they will die unless they surrender and become humble and good.  The truth is that “nice Muslims” aren’t real Muslims simply because they’re not practicing their religion.

    Only an evil Muslim is practicing his religion of Islam. Here is part of the religion of Islam:

    “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers; smite ye above the necks and smite all their finger tips off them,” (Sura 8 Verse 12). Do nice so-called Muslims practice that? No, only the evil Muslims practice that, which is their religion.

    “Make war on the infidels around you,” (Sura 9 Verse 123 and Sura 66 Verse 9).
    Do nice so-called Muslims practice that? No, only  the evil Muslims practice that, which is their religion.

    “Be ruthless to the infidels,” (Sura 49 Verse 29).

    There are many, many more agressive passages in the filthy Qur’an, the Muslim War Manual.  Islam is the religion of aggression, and not the “religion of peace.”  The “religion of peace” is a Muslim lie.  Lying is part of the Muslim religion. The Muslim Taqiyya teaches Muslims to lie if it enhances Islam.   Only evil Muslims practice aggression, lying et cetera.  The nice so-called Muslims do not practice aggression, i.e., Islam. Let’s hope the nice so-called Muslims never learn their religion.  You see, Islam has deceived almost everyone. It took me a while after 9/11 to figure this out.

    I hope I’m clear. Did you know that one of Allah’s names is “The Best Deceiver”? It is, and Allah/Satan has deceived many, including nice so-called Muslims and nearly all “infidels.” Hell, it even deceived me until I studied Islam.