SA Muslim HIV test call condemned

by Kal El on July 29, 2008 · 6 comments

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Call for HIV test to educate and protect the health of muslims? That’s a fatwa.

Aids activists in South Africa have dismissed as unconstitutional a call for all Muslim couples to have a compulsory HIV test before marriage.

“It undermines public health and it will further stigmatise and discriminate against people,” Aids activist Fatima Ahmed told the BBC.

The proposal was made by opposition MP Maulana Rafeek Shah.

He told the BBC the objective was not to discriminate but to educate the Muslim community about the Aids threat.


“The objective is to remove the stigma and the mystery that is associated with HIV and Aids,” the Democratic Alliance MP told the BBC’s Network Africa programme.

“South Africa has the world’s highest HIV/Aids prevalence rate infection, in fact I would not be exaggerating if I said HIV poses a far more serious threat to security of South Africa and South African society as a whole than any other conventional threat.”

“The Muslim community is… not immune.”

BLASPHEMY!!!! Camel urine will cure all symptoms, Muhammad said so, and he is allah’s prophet, so it MUST be true…

Read the rest in BBCNews.

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  • Clarissea

    I am not familiar with Muslim customs so I was wondering about this issue… Is it unlawful for them to draw blood from their bodies?

    • Beejj

      Muslims are VERY good at drawing blood from bodies – particularly from women's bodies. To do this, they disdain the use of sharp implements, finding it vastly more entertaining to hurl stones. Didn't you know this? Just google something like “death by stoning”. It's an old, valued custom in the Muslim world.

      • Necrowulf

        Beejj, )or anyone in the UK.) Can you get Sky1 down there? :P

        If so, look for Ross Kemp latest documentary, he visits Gaza, they seem to be unbiased, though you can notice that they kind of fall to the Palestinians sides.

        But, the documentary did show the nice commerce Gaza has, they did show interviews with a factory owner there. He blames Hamas and themselves for what the Israelis did to Gaza in 2008/2009.

        If you can't get…well, try to find it in, that website which is quite famous, it has a Pirate and a Bay in its name :P

        The second part, it seems, will be shown next Sunday in Sky1, this time they talk about Israel, they go and see what they do, the training and other stuff.

  • STDnoob

    Indeed..AIDS is actually far more worst than wars..How many people suffer and die of aids every year because of not being educated about it and AFRICA is the best exmaple of it..

    • Beejj

      Tell the Pope that.

  • Hiv symptoms in Men

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