Video from Senate floor: Dems object to offshore drilling even if gas is 10 dollars per gallon

by Infidelesto on July 31, 2008 · 5 comments

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no-zone-oil-drillingThings could change dramatically in the next couple months if the Republicans can hammer home this issue over and over and over again.  This is single most important issue to the American people in this election year and if the Dems can’t break free from the environmental lobby, this election year may go down in history as “the one that got away” for the Democratic leadership.

Here’s a good example from the Senate floor today.  The RNC should pounce on this video and use it in their upcoming ads:

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  • Tonto (USA)

    The dumbocrats are convinced that “We the People” are just too damn stupid for our own good and their mission is to save us from ourselves, no matter what the cost. So a bunch of us go bankrupt or deep in the hole in credit card debt by buying overpriced gas needlessly.  The libtards are so self destructive, and they certainly don’t mind destroying the rest of us if it serves their demented purpose. Almost every democrat congress and every democrat president in recent history has proven that.

  • Philip Saenz

    The Democraps of the Democrap Party hate our country. They wish to destroy our country  while making it miserable for everyone.  Ten dollars a gallon for gas or diesel would wreck our country because, especially truckers, would not be able to pay $4,000.00 for a full tank of diesel fuel. Prices in everything would skyrocket. Vote against Democraps in November unless you want misery.

  • jennyjen

    Damn Democraps…are they just puppets for the (rich) mullahs or what?   The citizens of this country just get poorer and the sheiks and mullahs get richer.

  • Kal-El

    The sad thing is that We The People let this happen, when the masses voted for change, by electing Dhimmicrats. We got change all right – Gas CHANGED from $2.20 a gallon to $4.09 a gallon. That is change we can believe in, because it HAPPENED. Unlike the so-called change being touted by B Hussein Obama.

  • julius

    Remember exxon Valdez the people of Alaska,just lost the class action law suit’.Big companies=big profits and none of us are seeing any of it.Its another conspiracy to create dependence on oil,forien or domestic its the same ol shit.The more we produce here the more $ the corporations will make.Its about time we boycut gas and fuel hogs.Where is the fairness.Oh we get a check for 600 dollars,a mere joke 10 fill ups.If our government want to bribe us than make it worth our while.6,000,000 $ more like the rich arabs. With that money we can bail out ford and crysler by buying there surplus s.u.v.s,hire cheap mexican laborers to do our dirty work and afford education and health benefits.We could then compete with the up and coming chineese and Indians,europeans and brazialians,Oh that wouldnt be ethical ,thanks though they raised the minimum wage 70 cents an hour,Not even enough for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. So to all the f-ing oil companies I am going to ride my bike and use public transporation until I can afford an alternative energy vehicle.Long live Greenpeace and ralph nader.Peace.