Sudanese planes bomb village as President undertakes Darfur peace mission

by Kal El on July 27, 2008 · 1 comment

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No surprise here.

Government planes were bombing Darfur even as the Sudanese President toured the war-torn desert region on a mission of peace, sources in a former rebel movement said yesterday.

A commander with a government-allied faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement said that three people died when a village was attacked in North Darfur on Wednesday.

At about the same time, President al-Bashir was playing the role of peacemaker, addressing 10,000 people in El Fasher, the regional capital. He promised understanding and investment.

Mr al-Bashir faces an arrest warrant after the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) prosecutor in The Hague outlined the case against him last week over charges of genocide, murder and crimes against humanity. His two-day trip to Darfur this week was designed to help to cement a coalition of allies who have promised to support Sudan at the United Nations. “We want to send this message to the world: we are the people of peace, we want peace . . . we are the only ones who can achieve peace in Darfur,” he said during the tour.

Yesterday, Mohamed Dirbeen, military spokesman of the Sudan Liberation Movement, which joined the Government in a 2006 peace agreement, said: “Government planes were bombing the village Karbala 40km south of El Fasher. The bombing killed three people and injured eight.”

Those of us who know taqiyya when we see it know he means they can achieve peace by finishing their genocide in Darfur.

Read the entire story in the TimesOnline.

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