The price of free speech is high for Geert Wilders

by Kal El on July 14, 2008 · 4 comments

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For voicing his opinion, which also happens to be based on fact, Geert Wilders must live under extremely tight security. His crime? Speaking the truth about the cult of islam.

Freedom isn’t free for Dutch critic of Islam

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – Having run the polite-but-grim gantlet of Dutch government security to gain access to Geert Wilders, I finally understood what the 24-hour security requirements of the man’s continued existence really mean: To make the survival of Western-style liberty in the Netherlands his political cause, this Dutch parliamentarian has to live under high-tech lock and key.

This stunning paradox, with no end in sight, illustrates how far political freedom in the West has already eroded. Think of it: For writing about the repressive ideology of Islam, for arguing against the inequities of Sharia (Islamic law), for making a video (“Fitna”) to warn about Islamic jihad, Wilders lives in his own non-Islamic country under a specifically Islamic death threat.

If it is politically incorrect to notice this, then it is also indisputably true. True, too, is that, sans state security, this death threat could conceivably be carried out anytime, anywhere-from the picturesque streets outside the Dutch parliament, to the house Wilders hasn’t slept in since 2004. That, of course, was when, on an Amsterdam street, a Muslim assassin plunged a knife into Theo van Gogh’s corpse, thus attaching the Islamic manifesto threatening both Wilders and his then-parliamentary colleague, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, with death.

Not long ago, political debate in the Netherlands was met with, well, more political debate. Now, however, with a growing Muslim minority – and it’s politically incorrect to notice this, too – political debate sometimes meets with Islam-inspired political assassination. At least it has, traumatically, twice in recent years: once, with the 2002 murder of the anti-Islamic-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn by an animal rights activist who claimed Fortuyn was scapegoating Muslims; and the following year with the ritualistic Islamic murder of Van Gogh, director of “Submission,” a short video made with Hirsi Ali about Islamic mistreatment of women. In all, such Islam-inspired violence has been enough to chill Islam-inspired debate.

And that’s just the situation at home. This week, even as Amsterdam’s chief public prosecutor, Leo de Wit, announced that no charges would be brought against Wilders for “discrimination” or “incitement to hatred” related to Wilders’ writings or video (“We find Mr. Wilders’ remarks were limited to Islam as a religious movement,” De Wit said), Jordan announced it is bringing a “Fitna”-related criminal case against the Dutch parliamentarian.

In other words, Jordan will indict a Dutch politician according to Jordanian (read: Islam-inspired) law. “Jordanian authorities are not aiming to arrest” the Dutch leader of the Freedom Party, Radio Netherlands Online reports. “They say the decision to prosecute was taken in order to send a signal to the Netherlands.”

A “signal”? How about a gag? Of course, like other Western peoples, the Dutch seem content to censor themselves, happily mouthing multicultural platitudes that effectively rationalize their own culture’s Islamization. Not Wilders.

We must be wary, because this is already starting to happen in the US. Look at the State Department and Department of Homeland Security, all but censoring the use of islam, muslim, and jihad when referencing MUSLIMS carrying out JIHADI attacks in the name of ISLAM.

Read this entire article in the Columbia Tribune.

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  • Greg Halvorson

    It is sad that so many non-muslim people are soft cowards.And it is sad that condi rice chooses to be stupid. Islam is totally incompatible with the values of the west. So, it must be gotten rid of. We are going to have to get rid of islam sooner or later. Might as well be sooner; that would make it easier. Maybe Pim could just dye his hair and go out once in a while…..I wonder if he is a concealed carry person….?

  • Storm-Rider

    Give me liberty, i.e.: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, right to life and to bear arms in defending life, right to pursue happiness, right to own the property I’ve worked for, equality under the law, and government derived from the consent of the governed; or give me death.

  • Tonto (USA)

    Now why would he be concerned about the moderate muslims of the “Religion of Peace”?  After all, all he does is present the koran as it’s written.  Don’t they want to “share” their wonderful religion?

  • Always On Watch

    Wilders lives in his own non-Islamic country under a specifically Islamic death threat.

    Proves the point of Fitna, doesn’t it?

    Notice that the msm in the States will not cover the story of Geert Wilders!