Belgium: Women rescued after being 'enslaved' by Arab royals

by Kal El on July 3, 2008 · 0 comments

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Shariah continues its invasion of Europe. But at least the authorities have admitted it was tantamount to slavery. The Arab Royals hire “maids” then confiscate their passports, and put them to work for pennies per hour wages. Common practice here in the middle east, migrating to Europe. Isn’t multiculturalism great!? /sarc

Seventeen women have been taken by police from a luxury hotel in Brussels amid allegations that they had been enslaved by an Arab royal family.

Police officers and officials from Belgium’s Labour Audit Authority raided the Conrad Hotel, the city’s most prestigious and the preferred choice of many national leaders during European Union summits, on Tuesday evening.

The operation was triggered by the apparent escape of a maid who was among 20 servants working for the widow of a senior royal figure from the United Arab Emirates and her four daughters who have rented the entire fourth floor of the hotel for the last year.

Officials took away 17 people, from countries including the Philippines, Morocco, India, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Syria, amid allegations they had been held captive for eight months.

Several members of the royal party have been questioned, police said yesterday. No charges have been brought but the investigation continues.

“We are convinced that these 17 girls are victims of people trafficking,” said an official.

The servants, dubbed “slaves” in the Belgian media, allegedly had to be at the service of the Arab royals 24 hours a day and had their passport taken away on arrival in Belgium. The women were reportedly not allowed to leave the hotel and their monthly salaries were as low as £80 a month.

“We were not allowed to leave the hotel and we had to be at their disposal 24 hours a day,” claimed one young woman of Middle Eastern origin.

THANK GOD! The Belgian media might actually be waking up. Hopefully it won’t be like the French in 1938 who demanded more proof of a threat, and got it the very next spring when German Panzer Tanks rolled through the Arc du Triumph and occupied Paris.

Read the rest in the Telegraph.

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