Yemen: Christian arrests may herald new era of persecution

by Kal El on July 13, 2008 · 1 comment

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Of course no one in the western media will report on this because it portrays islam in a negative light, and we can’t have that.

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AUSTRALIA (ANS) – On 18 June Yemeni news source Al Sahwa reported that Yemeni political security forces in Hodiada province had arrested a “missionary cell” of seven people and charged them with promoting Christianity and distributing the Bible. One of those arrested, Hadni Dohni, stands accused of converting to Christianity.

According to Sahwa Net, “. . . the suspects were transferred to Sana’a in order to investigate them to know who support them.” (Link 1)

BosNewsLife subsequently reported on 2 July that according to International Christian Concern ( the Yemeni Christians were still in detention and at risk of mistreatment and torture at the hands of Yemeni authorities. (Link 2)

Hodaida is Yemen’s third largest city. It is the capital of Hodaida Province which is located on Yemen’s western Red Sea coast and home to more than two million Yemenis. (See map at link 3)


These arrests may well herald an era of more intense and systematic persecution. They came hot on the heels of an Islamist media campaign (foreign, terrorist, and local) that claims Islam in Yemen is under threat due to Christian missionary activities; and at a time when the hugely unpopular, corrupt, abusive, dictatorial regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh is struggling to hold the state together.


On 11 October 2007, Catholic World News reported: “The Palestinian newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi is reporting 2,000 conversions from Islam to Christianity in Yemen.

“Many of the converts are reportedly living abroad in fear for their lives. Yemen adheres to Shari’a law, which forbids conversions from Islam on pain of death.

“The World Muslim League has appealed to Yemen’s government to stem the tide of conversions, placing the blame on schools administered by foreigners.” (Link 4)


Of course islam is peaceful and tolerant, as long as you submit, become muslim or pay the jizya (protection money – in reality extortion that buys you a little time until the muslims become bored and decide you have to die because you are kuffar).

Read the rest of this article and the accompanying linked articles. It shows that islam is scared. They are losing slaves in droves, who are opening their eyes to the lies of pedophile muhammad.

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  • Tonto (USA)

    Another heartening demonstration of how much the mullahnazis are fearful of losing adherents through apostacy.  According to at least one lslamaidiot who went public in Tehran a few weeks ago, there are an increasing number of apostates in is-lame nowadays and it’s become distressing to the insanity in the “supreme council”.  Oh shuckey dern!  All their loudmouth crap we’ve been hearing from the islaminuts is BS.  The US Army and Marines are killing hell out of dingbats so fast that they’re running out of dumbasses willing to go up against them teenage killers.  You could say that lots of slaves are comming to their senses, or you could say that the muj is killing off the gooonsquads the mullahin depend on for control.  Nobody wants to die for some crap the world has shown to be bogus!  The muj want to shut down ME bloggers too…..the internet is really scary to the mullahnazis. Watch Iran….ain’t long for those dickweeds….like a golfball on the tee.