Al Qaeda issues fatwa – against Yemeni muslims?

by Kal El on August 11, 2008 · 1 comment

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Yup, islam is a religion of peace all right. Just don’t say otherwise. Or do business with kuffars. Or think highly of joos. Cause muslims will kill you. Even if you are muslim.

Al Qaida leader in Yemen threatens to carry out more terrorist attacks
Thursday 07 Aug 2008 12:36:43 +0300 12 PM / Mareb Press– Gulf News/By Nasser Arrabyee

An alleged Al Qaida leader in Yemen threatened this week to carry out more attacks in the country if his brothers were not released from prison.

“Your concern is our concern, your sadness is our sadness, you must know, we will never forget you,” said Hamza Al Quaiti in a statement posted on an internet website Tuesday, addressing the men jailed in Yemen on terror charges.

Al Quaiti, one of 23 Al Qaida suspects who broke out of a Sana’a maximum security prison in early 2006.

Al Quaiti is believed to be the mastermind of the suicide bombing which targeted the security camp in Sayou, Hadhramout on July 25, killing two and injuring about 20 people.

About six men have been arrested so far in Hadhramout in connection with the attack.

The investigations confirmed that Al Qaida was behind that attack and that the suicide bomber was a student in his third year at the college of medicine in Hadhramout.

His name is Ahmad Saeed Al Mashjari and his alias is Abu Dujanah Al Hathrami. The investigations have shown that he disappeared from his family 20 days before implementing the suicide bombing operation on July 25.

The latest Al Qaida operations in Yemen coincide with remarkable fatwas published throughout the internet and attributed to Al Qaida members. The fatwas permit the killing of Muslims and striking their oil resources.

The justification, the fatwas say, is that the oil is feeding the enemies, crusaders and the Muslims being killed are cooperating with the enemy.
Meanwhile, security authorities have arrested about 30 men wanted for various terrorist acts over the last few days in the southern province of Abyan, according to security sources yesterday.

That’s some fine jihadi work there, Hamza…

Original article can be found in the Mareb Press.

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  • Tonto (USA)

    This is a good argument for the death penalty.  Whack al qaidas and taliban as soon as they can be identified and that takes away any bargaining chips from the equation.  It also defines the penalty for being al qaida or taliban.  Hmmm, not a bad plan.