Christian prayer blamed for muslim's death, muslims retaliate with violence

by Kal El on August 19, 2008 · 6 comments

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No surprise, since when do jihadists need an excuse to attack Christians?


Clergymen say extremists blame Christian prayers for Muslim leader’s death.

ILORIN, Nigeria, August 14 (Compass Direct News) – Blaming the death of their leader on Christian prayers, an Islamist group that launched a hate campaign in response to an evangelistic event in 2004 is reportedly attacking Christians in this Kwara state capital with renewed virulence, area Christians said.
At least three Christians have died and several others have been injured in attacks with machetes and other weapons since June, clergymen said. They said the attacks began after the death in May of Dr. Ali Olukade, head of a local group of Islamists called Tibliq, possibly patterned after the worldwide Tablighi Jamaat missionary movement.

Dr. Olukade was critically injured in an auto accident in 2006, and after extensive recovery efforts he succumbed to his injuries in May. His extremist followers, according to the Rev. Cornelius Fawenu, secretary of the Kwara chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), believe that his death was the result of prayers by Christians upset when Muslim threats cut short a major event by German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 2004.

Islamic uproar over the evangelistic event in Ilorin forced it to a venue outside the city, and Bonnke had to “abort” three days of the planned five-day event, Rev. Fawenu said.

When the local Tibliq leader was injured in the car crash in 2006, Rev. Fawenu said, “The members of his Muslim sect went on rampage, demonstrating against America and the state of Israel, over claims that it was the prayers of Christians over the aborting of the gospel event of 2004 that caused their leader to be involved in an auto crash. Dr. Olukade, the Muslim sect’s leader, died in May 2008, and since then Muslim fanatics have embarked in serial killings and attacks on Christians in the city.”

The group from the Tibliq movement in Ilorin, Rev. Fawenu said, had spear-headed opposition to the evangelistic event.

The Kwara chapter of CAN has received 10 reports of Christians attacked by the Muslim extremists in the past two months, Rev. Fawenu said, adding that he believes unreported assaults on Christians average about four daily.

Facts on even the confirmed reports, however, are few. Last month the state CAN chapter petitioned the inspector general of police to investigate the attacks on Christians in Ilorin, which Rev. Fawenu said resulted in the death of a former leader of an Evangelical Church of West Africa congregation known only as Pastor Habila. The former church leader was assaulted in the Oke Oba area of Ilorin in June and died on June 15 from his injuries, Rev. Fawenu said.

“The corpse of another Christian victim was found along stadium road, with his Bible beside him, on June 18,” Rev. Fawenu said. “So also, a young Christian girl living near the stadium road was also murdered in the same manner within this period.”

The Kwara state CAN leader said he did not have the names of these victims but that their deaths resulted from attacks that fit a pattern of other area assaults – taking place after dark as Christians either went to or returned from church services.

Another church leader injured from an attack, he said, is known only as Pastor Olagunjo. Rev. Fawenu said the assaults have reduced attendance at Christian worship services in the state.

That’s some peaceful tolerance there, isn’t it?

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  • Tonto (USA)

    More stupidity and senseless killing.  Islam breeds idiocy!

  • Sir Wilhelm

    Wow!  The power of Christian prayer killed that Muslim?  What’s wrong with Islam if they can’t kill that way?  Could it be they really are a false religion and have no power?  Seriously.  Don’t they see their own blindness in matters like this?  Apparantly not, because they have to use suicide bombers to accomplish the same thing.  Or dirty their hands with other forms of violence.  And retaliate against “Christian prayer” the same way, knowing their prayers don’t work.

  • Liz

    I love this.  Muslim crazies admitting that the prayers of Christians have power. So if those prayers have more power than their prayers, then God must be listening and giving favor to them.  Hmmmm…what a confession. Actually, I doubt that those Christians over there are praying vengeance. They are probably praying mercy prayers for the lost. Perhaps Dr. Olukade was just falling victim  to God’s  law of sowing and reaping. Those that reap to the Spirit, reap eternal life. Those who real to the flesh, (murder, violence, lack of self control)…reap death.

  • FuckIslam

    Prophet mohammad must be suffering from mental illness when he preached Islam so Thats why all his follower suffer from mental illness else well.

  • LShalimarDrakeford

    Animals. Filthy animals. Send them to h e l l . Let their g o d sort them out. Blackontheright