France and Denmark not being enough, muslims commence intifada in Germany

by Kal El on August 2, 2008 · 10 comments

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One would think that the Germans, given their reputation for being pretty tough (60 years ago they were sort of implicated in the deaths of about 50 million people), would put the brakes on this crap.

Germany’s Intifada

German authorities are reporting that, within their cities, areas now exist where police fear to tread. In many German urban areas drug dealing, theft, brawls, and assaults on police officers are the order of the day. The problem is becoming so severe police scarcely dare enter some quarters except in strength, while in others they concentrate on their own safety first.

But this is old news to French law enforcement officials. The 2005 riots woke France up to the fact that an anti-civilization had arisen in the “banlieues” (housing projects), which surround major French cities. Populated mainly by immigrants from North and West Africa, many with a Muslim background, they are known as places of anger and aggression towards anyone who represents “official” France.

French police are sometimes attacked with Molotov cocktails when they enter such areas. Firemen and ambulance attendants are not treated much better. Police even had difficulty protecting a French president, Jacques Chirac, and his interior minister when they went campaigning in a banlieue. The two high-ranking politicians were also met with Molotovs and had to retreat.

In all, the French housing projects have the look of scarred battlefields with burnt out cars littering the landscape. The extent of France’s lawlessness problem manifested itself last month when 592 cars were torched in France in the two nights surrounding Bastille Day, July 14 and 15, 150 in the Paris region alone. To make matters worse, Islamic fundamentalists have attracted many of the banlieus’ unemployed, uneducated and frustrated young men to their cause. These fundamentalists, it is suspected, were the ones directing the 2005 disturbances and their recurrence in 2007.

In Germany, the problem neighbourhoods are often located within the city and not on the outskirts. Like in France, though, urban anti-societies have arisen, but in Germany they consist mainly of Turkish and Arab immigrants, many from Lebanon. In their districts, German laws and values now have little, if any, validity, while their culture of lawlessness does.

Police complain that when they conduct routine checks in these neighbourhoods, they are met with angry crowds and often risk assault. Even when a policeman is carrying out a simple duty, like inspecting someone’s identification, out of nowhere suddenly appear 20 to 30 men, yelling wildly, who push and shove him. They assemble quickly after having been contacted by cell phone.

While confrontations occur over nothing, violence can occur when the stakes are higher. When Berlin police arrested three drug-dealing Arabs in Kreuzberg, for example, a district where Turks and Arabs form the majority, they were immediately swarmed by two dozen men who tried to free the suspected criminals by force. Only the quick arrival of reinforcements saved the day. It is also in Kreuzberg that the first car burnings in Germany took place.

For the last ten years Berlin has been the leading German city for such “resistance-to-police” incidents. Overall, Germany’s police union records an average of 26,000 such occurrences a year, an increase of 60 per cent from the 1980s. Berlin accounts for about 3,000 of this total. In Germany’s capital, a union official said, there exists “an alarm level red” concerning violence against police.

“We have been registering for years a loss of police authority and a rapid sinking of a lack of restraint,” said Eberhard Schonberg, the police union’s head.

WAKE UP, Europe!!!!! You are being INVADED!!! AGAIN!!!!! The same thing happened in the 8th century, and in 1683 at Vienna. Will you stop it? Or, in the name of multiculturalism, will you bend over for islam?

Read the entire article in Frontpage Magazine.

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  • Libertyship46

    I’m not worried about Muslims taking over Europe. Why do I think so? Because whenever Europeans feel threatened, or feel the need to find a scapegoat for all of their political and economic ills, they will do what Europeans do best, and that’s start slaughtering people. Genocide is a way of life in Europe and the Muslims had better start taking note of that fact. Don’t believe me?

    Well, you don’t have to take my word for it. Ask any Muslim how safe it was to be a Muslim in Bosnia or Kosovo during the 1990s. Whenever Europeans have had enough of an ethnic group, they usually are very efficient in the way they slaughter them. They decimated the Armenians in the 1920s and, well, we all know what happened to the Jews during World War II. Nope, mass murder is in their blood and once the Europeans see that the Muslims are just not worth the trouble anymore, you’re going to get a pogrom that’s going to make what happened in Bosnia look like a joke.

    Only this time, most of Western Europe will be participating in this madness. Always remember that Germany had a lot of willing partners during the Holocaust. There were millions of people in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, France and the Baltic States that were more than willing to help the Germans exterminate the Jews, so why couldn’t the same thing happen again? If I were the Muslims I just wouldn’t want to push the Europeans too far on this.

    Remember, what happened in Bosnia and Kosovo could easily happen on a larger scale if the circumstances were right. If Europe suffers a worse and more horrific version of 9/11, don’t take any bets on the long-term health of Muslims in Europe. It’s just the way the Europeans are.  

  • Philip Saenz

    Libertyship 46, It would be far worse here in the States. However, it would be the Army or National Guard that would take care of things. I’m sure many Americans would volunteer and join in the fray.  Americans have a shorter fuse, but Americans are more just than Europeans. I’ve seen this through the years.  We’ll have liberals crying crocodile tears, but we’ll take care of them also.

    Americans have saved Europe twice in the past 90 years. Let’s hope we don’t have to do it again.

  • Anonymous Infidel

    Any idea how long it will be before this sort of thing comes to America?

  • Kal-El


    Thanks to the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) it won’t. If they try they will be met with a ruthlessness not seen since the 1800s. And cold steel. Lots of it.

  • Infidelesto


    The Armenian genocide wasn’t Europe, it was the Ottoman empire committed by Muslim armies. Adolph Hitler was a madman voted into power by clueless socialists who believed in the words of Hitler which led to his ultimate fascistic power, and Serbian named Slobodan Milosevic, a former Communist who turned to nationalism and religious hatred to gain power.  Another freak who somehow got into power and murdered over 200,000 innocent people including Croatian Catholics and Albanian Muslims.

    True there is a historic implication on what the Europeans will eventually do when provoked, but I think there’s a difference today in that the religion multiculturalism is so rampant that they are slowly committing suicide due to their leftist thinking.  To them, if Sharia is the will of the people, then so be it.  I don’t think we’ll see a mass genocide by a European country again like history has shown.

    Certainly most European nations are modernized, peaceful and so leftist that they’ll do almost anything to avoid war, even if it means subjugating themselves to eventual Islamic majority.   I don’t have hope in Europe that they’ll stop themselves from being overrun by Islam.

    The next genocide we’ll live to see, is most likely a nuke over Israel or somewhere inside America…

  • Libertyship46

    I don’t know, Infidelesto, regardless of how “moderniized, peaceful, and so leftist” the Europeans may be, I still think they have a very short fuse. Look at France. One of the major reasons Sarkozy got elected was because of the Muslim riots and the French reaction to it. Could you imagine what would have happened if those riots spun out of control and the Muslims actually started killing a lot of Frenchmen? For all their “multiculturalism,” the French hate the Muslims. They’ve kept them in virtual ghettos for years and they make sure that they don’t get decent jobs or wages. In addition, wars in both Algeria and Tunisia certainly didn’t help relations between the French and the Muslims. Nope, if there was an open rebellion in France and the Muslim “youths” (as they’re always called by the press) started murdering French citizens, I guarantee you that the French would have reacted violently, very, very, violently. And lets not even talk about the Eastern Europeans. They hate the Muslims even more. Bosnia and Kosovo just happened in the 1990s. It could certainly happen again.  

  • Storm-Rider

    In their hearts most Europeans are not democratic; they still click their heels and bow down to the big totalitarian strong man, or group of men, at the top. This is part of their European DNA, and it has been so since the days of Julius Caesar.

    For their part, most Muslims are no better; they click their heels and bow down to the tyranny of their totalitarian religious clerics and totalitarian Sharia Law.

    The difference between European elitists; whether Nazi, Fascist, Socialist or Communist, and the Sharia-loving Muslims is a distinction without ultimate meaning. None of them love Divinely-derived human liberty as did our founding fathers and Americans ever since.

    I believe the struggle between European elitists and the Islamists is one between the wolf and the tiger.

    • Doug

      Now THAT'S the best description I have ever heard!! Thanks!

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