HYPOCRISY – Mexico complaining about Americans coming into their country, buying their cheaper diesel.

by Kal El on August 10, 2008 · 4 comments

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But it’s A-OKAY for Mexicans to come illegally, by the MILLIONS, into the US and take jobs, free medical care (at least 1/2 of those 47 million uninsured in the US are illegals), and send that money back to Mexico. At least the Americans in Del Rio are buying the diesel LEGALLY. (unlike millions of Mexicans who currently live in the US ILLEGALLY, taking out $3 for every $1 they put into the system-FYI, I am a legal Mexican, so take your comments about me being a racist and shove em).

Mexico Border City Fines U.S. Drivers Seeking Cheap Diesel

MEXICO CITY — A Mexican border city has begun fining U.S. drivers who cross the border to fill extra drums, tanks or barrels with government-subsidized Mexican fuel.

The city of Ciudad Acuna, across the border from Del Rio, Texas, said Friday that it fined four U.S. residents for carrying extra diesel and would impound their cars until they pay. The fines equal 70 percent of the value of the diesel confiscated.

U.S. drivers can fill up their own vehicles, but carrying extra fuel containers back across the border violates customs regulations and possibly safety rules, a report from the city said.

Mexico, one of the world’s top 10 oil producers, sells diesel fuel domestically at subsidized prices of about $2.25 per gallon, about half the U.S. price.

Mexican filling stations near the U.S. border have seen an increase in American drivers who cross over to fill up. Mexican truckers and drivers complain the run on fuel is causing temporary shortages and longer lines for them.

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    We as the most inteligent,innovative,creative country in the world become the leaders of alternative energy,green wise ,100 %  self sufficent,we wouldnt need Mexican diesel or foreign oil,We could solve all our own problems,build 2 giant fences one in the south and one in the north,we would grow all are own food,everybody would have health care,no child left behind educational progams,A decent wage and living conditions, no more young black men in prison,no more domestic violent crimes,everyone in the world will love us, OOPS ,Must of bumped my head when I woke up out of a Dream.Okay lets play lets make a deal you the mexicans sell us cheap fuel and will let you pick our crops.Good bye for now,I am on the way to Taco Bell,Hey Mister have you seen my Sister?Adios putos

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    you are hilarious :D

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    Julius & Kal,

    You guys are just too funny! Muy gracioso!