Indonesia: Muslim mob storms Church service, demands "ban" on all churches

by Infidelesto on August 20, 2008 · 9 comments

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This must be the “interfaith dialogue” so many moderate Muslims speak of.

Compass Direct

JAKARTA, August 19 (Compass Direct News) – On Sunday (August 17) a Muslim mob stormed a church service in Cipayung, East Jakarta, forcing Christians to flee and then erecting banners in the street declaring a ban on “churches and religious services.”

As about 20 church members were celebrating the nation’s Independence Day at the service, the angry assailants arrived at the Pentecostal Church of Indonesia in Pondok Rangon village, Cipayung, at 9:30 a.m. shouting “Allahu Akbar!” or “God is greater!” Some in the mob were neighbors, but the majority were not local residents, according to pastor Chris Ambessa.

Church members tried to close the gate leading into the church compound, but the mob forced its way in, storming into the welcoming room of the church and overturning furniture.

Ambessa managed to close a roller door protecting the room where services were held. But the attackers then chased church members out into the street, warning them not to return for future services.

The intruders then erected large banners in the street declaring a ban on “churches and religious services” in the village. Technically prior approval from district officials is required to erect such banners, but Public Order official Hadi Sumantri and plainclothes policemen present made no attempt to intervene or remove them.

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  • Jeff

    Don’t worry, this kind of thing will NEVER happen in the USA. ( sarcasm off)

    • Anonymous

      Tell me about it. People here in the US are walking around with their heads stuck up their hineys. I am all for religious freedom but these people are abusing the privilege. And most of the time if you say something, YOU end up being the bad guy. Absolutely ridiculous.

      I have never wanted to get into guns and all that but my husband and I are thinking seriously of joining a gun safety groups, learning to shoot and getting permits.

  • Kal


    They can try, but thanks to the recent outbreak of gun attacks in supposed gun free zones (I call em victim only zones, because that is what they really are), folks will arm themselves, like that brave lady in Colorado who dropped that piece of sh*t who started shooting in that church.

  • Tonto (USA)

    I would truley LOVE seeing muslims storming a Christian Church here in East Tennessee.  There would be a lot of new tree decorations around here.

  • jennyjen

    So, these Muslims are just gonna keep pushing the bull around, when will they finally catch the horn is what I want to know? Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered by Islam and it’s past time to give them a dose of our better medicine. We could make the Templar Knights look like boy scouts!

    • Anonymous

      Check out the English Defence League. They have chapters in England and Canada and I suspect would love to get chapters started here in the States. It is definitely time for people of whatever faith to start fighting these barbarians.

  • Reverse_Vampyr

    I don’t believe Americans will wake up to this until radical Muslims succeed in implementing shari’a law in America, outlawing all other religions. And then it’ll be too late. We’re far too worried about upsetting the perpetually outraged.

    I hate to invoke such a worn analogy, but the frog truly is being slowly boiled alive.

    • Anonymous

      Good point. I’m gay and I’ll be damned if some Muzzie is going to tell me how to live. If they want shari’a law so badly, then they can go back from whence they came. I don’t really care too much about their rights if they want to make others become Muslim by force. Time to fight back…seriously.

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