Iran: Millions of young people in search of 'virtual sex' says official report

by Kal El on August 8, 2008 · 0 comments

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Proof positive of chaos theory, regarding islam. No matter how much you stifle free thought, violate civil rights of those who speak out against totalitarianism, and censor or issue a fatwa against everything non-islamic, free thinking people WILL find a way.

Tehran, 4 August (AKI) – A government-linked youth organisation says that 55 percent, or 12 million Iranian young people access hard or soft porn websites daily in Iran.

This is the conclusion of the report by Houshangh Fakhrzarin for the National Youth Organization, a group affiliated to the Iranian presidency.

The report came amid a bill currently being examined by the Iranian Parliament which make punishable with death the creation of websites with “sexual” content or content deemed to be “against Islamic morals.”

The report says that despite the blocking of the websites by the government: “Many users find ways to circumvent the ban by using powerful proxies.”

A proxy site or proxy software can be used to get through computer ‘firewalls’ and filters to access blocked sites.

Over 200,000 websites are banned or censored in Iran.

According to the report, the websites most visited by Iranian youth contain nude females, followed by ‘candid camera’ websites and famous actresses in provocative poses.

The administrators of these sites are “international powers” and “enemies of the Islamic Republic”, according to the report. It claims they want to “weaken the basis of Iranian society with the aim of creating the conditions for a soft revolution.”

“A long-term project with the aim of bringing about a counter-revolution,” comments conservative newspaper, Jomhouri Eslami, founded by Iran’s Supreme Leader Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The newspaper also blames Internet chat-rooms, because they “put young people from the opposite sex in contact with each other, without any filters.”

Silly chat-room visitors, don’t they know that only the mullahs are allowed to be in contact with young people of the opposite sex? And of the same sex, if madrassahs in Pakistan are any indication…

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