Saudi accused of having six wives

by Kal El on August 3, 2008 · 7 comments

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I wonder what the wives think of this??? Of course no one in Saudi gives a damn.

A member of the Saudi religious police has been accused of having six wives at the same time – two more than allowed under religious laws, reports say.

The 56-year-old was detained in south-western Jizan province, according to the Saudi newspaper al-Watan.

Three of the women involved were Saudis and the other three were from Yemen, just over the border, it reported.

The accused denies the women are all currently his wives and says he has divorced two of them.

Muslim men can keep up to four wives at a time under sharia, or Islamic law, which is applied in Saudi Arabia.

Members of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice are expected to enforce the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam, particularly regarding relations between the sexes.

Last month, the Saudi authorities were reportedly considering introducing compulsory pre-marriage courses for engaged couples in order to cut the kingdom’s growing divorce rate.

Original story found in the BBCNews online.

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  • Philip Saenz

    In my mind polygamy is tantamount to legalized prostitution, and legalized  adultery.

  • carolyne

    I don’t see how they get anything done in any of the sex perverted countries.  There are other things in life besides these morbid sex mind acts.  They have it bad, from Moham-MAD  and on down to all the middle east countries.  Muslims are the most disgusting to having to rape small children,  If six wives don’t work – give it up – cut it off – literally.  Get on ant-depressants that might slow them down???  Sick, Sick, Sick, and devilish – all of them just need to walk around naked -that should turn them off.  Kinda like working in a candy store – you get sick of it after a while.  These people are a laughing stock, and dumb @$$ stupid.  Pathetic!!!!  Israel does need to blow them all away, can we help them get this done soon???  They need to be put out of their misery.

    • Stephen Rohaty

      It would be more effective if Israel sent the mohammedan women a few divorce lawyers. THAT would cut the divorce rate way down, and probably the marriage rate as well.

  • jennyjen

    In the words of my father, “I can barely keep up with the wife I have, why would I want three more spending my money.” 
    That’s just disgusting, where is muslimah when you need her, I need to know how Islam has liberated these 6 women married to 1 man??
    Also, Carolyn, the candy store comment, too much! I almost fell out of my chair LMAO!

  • Always On Watch

    Muslim men can keep up to four wives at a time under sharia, or Islamic law, which is applied in Saudi Arabia.

    The key words being “at a time.” 

    In a recent interview with Nonie Darwish, she told me that marriage certificates in Saudi have four blanks for names of wives.   Why so many wives?

    1.  Pandering to lust
    2.  Populating the face of the earth
    3.  Colonizing the world for Allah

    The West has yet to understand those demographics – the demographics of allowing Moslem immigration into Western countries.  I imagine that many Moslems here have “secret” additional wives.

  • carolyne

    There is no physical way (no experience in that matter) any man 56 years old can possibly take on six wives.  He’d be lucky to have one, unless he is on Viagra 24-7.  You are funny – jennyjen - Just a little note here:
    Miracles happen everyday, and I thank God for this.  Keep up the good work IAC  – we’ll have a win/win – in overcoming evil with good.

    • Stephen Rohaty

      Wassamatta you? Never heard of a vibrator?