New Saudi Fatwa allows Cheating on Kafir women

by Infidelesto on August 22, 2008 · 22 comments

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Surprise! Another reason to be accused of being Islamophobic!

A recent Saudi Islamic fatwa (permit) says: Saudis who study out of Saudi Arabia like America have the Islamic permit to married a western girl by intending to leave her after a short time for just intercourse and when he will come back to Saudi he must divorce her and all that without telling her the truth at all.

They mean that a Saudi student, who study abroad, can lie to a kafir girl that he loves her and want to marry her in order to have sexual relation with her. But when he has finished his studies, he must divorce her before he coming back to Saudi Arabia.
Islam teaches lying and cheating on others especially on non-Muslims. I was Muslim from Saudi Arabia. I know well how bad and liar Muslims are. Innocent non-Muslim girls must be saved from the deceptive traps  of Muslims, especially from Saudi ones.
Here are the web sites, you can check it here (they are in Arabic).

via: Islam Watch

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  • Omar

    No surpirses here. Simply part of the business of jihad, this seducing and damaging of infidel women.

  • Omar

    Let me amend that: “seducing, and damaging infidel women – and, of course, appropriating any children for the Ummah  . . .”

    • MikeCrabe

      I do not think that cheating on any women is right thing to do.

  • Philip Saenz

    If “infideles” had studied Islam as intensively as I have since 9/11, they would have learned that Muslims are the biggest liars in the world.   And the biggest lie in the world is that “Islam is the religion of peace.”  That’s the damnest, biggest lie in the world. Nothing  can equal that lie.

    First of all, Islam isn’t a religion. Islam is a wicked ideology something like Nazism and Communism, but Islam is far worse because it masquerades as a religion while committing all the wickedness that Nazism and Communism have committed.

    The pedophile, child molester, slave owner, liar, depraved, murderer, Muhammad was far worse than Adolph Hitler, Jim Jones, and David Koresh combined.

    The god of Muslims is Satan/Allah, the god of depraved pedophiles, the god of suicide bombers, the god of liars, the god of murderers, the god of polygamists, the god of adulterers, the god of incest, the god of child molesters, the god of forced “marriages” of little girls to depraved old Muslims lechers.

  • jennyjen

    Phillip, I just gotta give you a big AMEN! on that one!
    I have said it before and I will say it again! Islam is a pseudo-religion that should be outlawed. It teaches murder and hate and it is used by Imams as mind control over the poor and the uneducated masses in war-torn areas of the world. Basically it is a crime against humanity.

  • Philip Saenz

    I don’t mean to get off the main topic, and change the subject. However, to me, this is important. Do you recall when Barack Hussein Obama made that “gaffe” and mentioned our “57 States”?  Perhaps B. Hussein Obama was thinking of the “57 Islamic dominated nations.”  There are 57 nations that are dominated by Islam. Was candidate Hussein Obama thinking of Muslims and Islam and the 57 Muslim nations when he made that “gaffe”?  Is that why he made that gaffe?  I still think B. Hussein is Muslim.

  • jennyjen

    Thats an excellent observation, Alonzo’s probably gonna call you a racist over that one- that’s how I became one- he told me I was (confused state)?!?!?

  • Jeff

    Surah 002.223

    “Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves, and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.”

    1 : cultivated land : tillage
     2 : the state of aggregation of a soil especially in relation to its suitability for crop growth

    Koran / women = dirt.

  • Tonto (USA)

    This just reinforces my already imense contempt for the muslims of the world.  They really are garbage aren’t they.  But what do you expect from rag-heads that are only two steps away from humping camels and goats?  Pitiful.

  • Muslim

    Those are some really huge misconceptions. Mostly lies; some exaggerations though. I advise you all to look at Islam with an objective eye; only then will you be able to see the truth. If you put on your bias glasses before looking, you will see what you desire to see.

    Don’t blind yourself, be smarter than that.

    • monogamoose

      Killers, terrorists, pedophiles, and honour killings and all encouraged by religious teachers.

      It defies any human values.

      • ChristopherL

        Of course Muslim has not refuted one thing that we have said about Islam.

        • diddly poo

          he/she probably didn't bother refuting these idiotic laughable elementary comments because its a waste of time to try convincing people with absolutely no polish or seemingly formal education of anything that requires a degree of intelligence beyond that of a child. i mean come on forgetting the article being commented on itself, i've heard more educated statements coming from middle schoolers….try reading the bible or the torah and ull find PLENTY of women hating in there so don't claim an expertise on one religion that u clearly have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of judging by your juvenile and pitiful comments…. go educate urself then make comments with such pazzazz and enthusiasm u blithering morons…. ur entitled to ur own opinion but how about not sounding like a f**king moron and maybe people will take u more seriously….i dont believe ive ever enjoyed reading comments on controversial topics as i have this evening given the neverending stream of bloody f**king mind-numbingly stupid comments made by so many mind-numbingly idiotic people…. now i believe ive wasted enough time of my life on these low life degenerate people making such foolish and baseless comments without ANY educated argument or support whatsoever….i bid u farewell

          • Necrowulf

            Wow, you are one “special” lil' fella aren't you?

            You read half the stuff, assume the other half and forgets the half you just read.

            This what I call a major ignorant over the internet. But what can we, simple mortals, do to such a tiresome and blatantly idiotic creature who can barely write.

            Oh yes, this weird creature who decided to enlighten us with his/her “ideas” thinks is superior to us! Oh, that is so funny. To think everyone was equal.

          • Necrowulf

            Just to complement

            You are

            Are 2 different things

          • diddly poo

            any idea promoting ignorance and hatred is not worthy of commenting on, so yea i would consider ANYONE who's willing to argue AGAINST that as someone with superior ideas…. none of the arguments ive read on here, save a few, have ANY base they're just never ending rants babbling on about hating this and hating that and evil this and evil that ….lol its like a high school blog on here… how bloody revolting…. oh but the people commenting on here don't at all act like they're superior to ANYONE else do they????? lol …and since u brought up my age pointing out that i'm young, which i then confirmed i am, makes me assume u MUST be older than that for sure, all the more reason im sure people can understand my surprise and disappointment to see people way older than me (assuming so) writing such stupid comments on here….mine by some may be considered age appropriate, what the hell is your excuse? peace out

    • Kal_El

      I have looked at islam with open eyes for the past 5 years. I live among you, and have seen the barbarity, the backwards mentality, the slavery, the hatred preached in mosques. You make a very good point about wearing bias glasses, as it seems every muslim I meet, no matter how "moderate" they seem, goes into a blind rage whenever the topic of Israel comes up.

  • Chris

    We have looked at Islam with an objective eye and we see Islam for the hate filled controlling religion that it is.
    Go try and con someone else.

  • peacetalk

    actually,you are getting blind and dump. Not only can cheat the kafir women, the muslims are permitted to kill the kafir, more over they are thought not to buy things from the kafir businessman and many more. Not to go to the kafir party. come on, teach good thing to the followers.This is called peace “P E A C E ” Hey, you ask yourself, why there is the word K A F I R , J I H A D and many more words in the teaching. Think deeply and pop up the pillow please! Hah ,fatwa ,that means it is lawfully right!

  • peacetalk

    actually,you are getting blind and dump. Not only can cheat the kafir women, the muslims are permitted to kill the kafir, more over they are thought not to buy things from the kafir businessman and many more. Not to go to the kafir party. come on, teach good thing to the followers.This is called peace “P E A C E ” Hey, you ask yourself, why there is the word K A F I R , J I H A D and many more words in the teaching. Think deeply and pop up the pillow please! Hah ,fatwa ,that means it is lawfully right!

  • abu qaqa

     the fatwah only says that you may marry someone with the intention to devorce her after a while as long as it is not made a condition in the marriage contract. You would prefer that we have sex with many girls and get them pregnant and then the children arent given inheritance. May Allah guide you, how can you leave Islam and call to disbelief? you obviously dont know anything about Islam and are sexually deviated or something. May Allah guide you.

    • 100% haram

      Oh right, and you can “marry” a woman for a few hours of sex, too, which is why there’s no such thing as prostitution in Islam. But she sill gets some kind of compensation for it. I guess we could clean up the west by street hoes getting a “marriage license” and the johns divorce them after they’re through? It’s STILL prostitution though, whatever you call it.