Taliban Militants Burn 3 Girls' Schools, Blow Up Hospital In Pakistan

by Kal El on August 5, 2008 · 3 comments

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More emancipation for women in islam…

Where, oh werefore art thou, muslimah? She is strangely silent, while her muslim brethren continue to wage jihad against education for women, and hospitals too.

Shaheen Buneri – AHN Foreign Correspondent

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AHN) – Three more girls’ schools have been torched and a hospital blown up by militants in Swat Valley of North West Pakistan.

The militants warned North West Frontier Province (NWFP) government of dire consequences for launching a military operation against them.

Authorities confirmed that Taliban militants torched girls’ schools in Kishora village of Khwazakhela sub-division and Engaro Dheri area of Mingora Town. They also blew up a basic health unit on Malamjaba road.

Education officials said that during last three months, 60 girls’ schools have been burnt by militants in the conflict-ridden district.

At present, more than 20,000 Pakistan security forces are fighting the militants supporting Maulana Fazlullah, a hardliner cleric and Taliban Movement chief in Swat, Matta and Kabal sub-divisions.

Pakistan Military spokesman Athar Abbas claimed 15 Taliban militants died during military action on Sunday against the Taliban in the Ronyal area of the valley.

However, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan rejected this claim and said 50 security force members were killed.

Khan also warned the NWFP government of intensified attacks on security personnel and public places for violating the May 21 peace agreement and for launching military operations against the Taliban.

Niaz Ahmad Khan, a local journalist told AHN that more than 25 civilians, mostly women children, were also been killed during the conflict between Pakistans security forces and Taliban militants in the last week.

Freedom for women in islam. Freedom from education, that is.

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  • http://www.londonschoolofislamics.org.uk Iftikhar


    It is not the Taliban who are burning school. Actually American and British agents are burning schools and blame the Talibans.

    • cilvilsed person

      you dumb ass mullah don't you get it your country is going in taliban's hand and so all of you dumb ass muslim who are too scared to let this things happens and blame US and UK fo it, open your m******cking eyes you ignorant bastard.

  • Kal


    Why would the United States Army pay for and assist in building schools for girls only to burn them down? Next you will tell me it was the US and British government who took Daniel Pearl’s head. Pathetic really, especially considering the Taliban today issued a new threat of suicide bombings in response to the Pakistani government crackdown on jihadists. Your taqiyya is NOT strong.