UK editorial: "We need to stop being such cowards about Islam"

by Infidelesto on August 14, 2008 · 6 comments

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This is a column condemning cowardice – including my own. It begins with the story of a novel you cannot read. The Jewel of Medina was written by a journalist called Sherry Jones. It recounts the life of Aisha, a girl who was married off at the age of six to a 50-year-old man called Mohamed ibn Abdallah. On her wedding day, Aisha was playing on a see-saw outside her home. Inside, she was being betrothed. The first she knew of it was when she was banned from playing out in the street with the other children. When she was nine, she was taken to live with her husband, now 53. He had sex with her. When she was 14, she was accused of adultery with a man closer to her own age. Not long after, Mohamed decreed that his wives must cover their faces and bodies, even though no other women in Arabia did.

You cannot read this story today – except in the Koran and the Hadith. The man Mohamed ibn Abdallah became known to Muslims as “the Prophet Mohamed”, so our ability to explore this story is stunted. The Jewel of Medina was bought by Random House and primed to be a best-seller – before a University of Texas teacher saw proofs and declared it “a national security issue”. Random House had visions of a re-run of the Rushdie or the Danish cartoons affairs. Sherry Jones’s publisher has pulped the book. It’s gone.

In Europe, we are finally abolishing the lingering blasphemy laws that hinder criticism of Christianity. But they are being succeeded by a new blasphemy law preventing criticism of Islam – enforced not by the state, but by jihadis. I seriously considered not writing this column, but the right to criticise religion is as precious – and hard-won – as the right to criticise government. We have to use it or lose it.


Reinterpretation and ridicule crow-barred Christianity open. Ask enough tough questions and faith is inevitably pushed farther and farther back into the misty realm of metaphor – where it is less likely to inspire people to kill and die for it. But doubtful Muslims, and the atheists who support them, are being prevented from following this path. They cannot ask: what does it reveal about Mohamed that he married a young girl, or that he massacred a village of Jews who refused to follow him? You don’t have to murder many Theo Van Goghs or pulp many Sherry Joneses to intimidate the rest. The greatest censorship is internal: it is in all the books that will never be written and all the films that will never be shot, because we are afraid.

We need to acknowledge the double-standard – and that it will cost Muslims in the end. Insulating a religion from criticism – surrounding it with an electric fence called “respect” – keeps it stunted at its most infantile and fundamentalist stage. The smart, questioning and instinctively moral Muslims – the majority – learn to be silent, or are shunned (at best). What would Christianity be like today if George Eliot, Mark Twain and Bertrand Russell had all been pulped? Take the most revolting rural Alabama church, and metastasise it.


There is now a pincer movement trying to silence critical discussion of Islam. To one side, fanatics threaten to kill you; to the other, critics call you “Islamophobic”. But consistent atheism is not racism. On the contrary: it treats all people as mature adults who can cope with rational questions. When we pulp books out of fear of fundamentalism, we are decapitating the most precious freedom we have.

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  • jennyjen

    Wow, the author of that article gets a major tip of the hat, and a Nobel Peace Prize if I could give them out! What about a “Worlds Best Infidel” award hahaha!!!

  • Philip Saenz

    Let’s set the record straight. Aisha was actually eight years and nine months old when pedophile, child molester Muhammad raped her.  At that period they used the lunar calendar, and not the solar calendar.  Aisha was nine years old according to the lunar calendar. However, according to the solar calendar, Aisha was about eight years and nine months old, not that it matters much.  Muhammad was still a depraved old lecher.  In a civilized world, Muhammad would have been thrown in jail to rot. In a backward Muslim country, Muhammad was a prophet of Allah. But Allah isn’t the True God. I’ll write about that later.

    • Stephen Rohaty

      Also add “transvestite”; MoHAMmed loved to wear women’s clothes.

  • Tonto (USA)

    Just another disgusting episode of some mooslim animal (sorry if animals feel insulted) showing his derriere to the world again.  Been saying for a long time that it IS time to stand up to these pervs and tell them where they can go. I advocate “Open Season” on all muslims, at will. Anything I can say that will insult a muslim and be the truth I will say.  Yes, muhammad was a charlatan, plagiarizer, murderer, pervert, mass murderer, liar and a punk.  The “religion” , islam is a bad joke on those that practice it, because the entire basis was/is a fraud and a lie.  Their value system is dated and infantile and brutal and deadly.  The whole thing has no validity of redeeming social quality at all. That’s really how I feel about it.  Totally disgusting presence in 6the world that keeps on giving…..more disgust.

  • Stephen Rohaty

    This article also applies to the cowardly American government! A moHAMmedan screaming’ “Allah akbar” shoots up Ft. Hood and the officials don’t know why he did it. They know, all right, they’re just too afraid to say.

  • DW Pepper

    Offer them Pork everyday.. If you have a girl who likes to “flash” Friday night at the Mosque is a good time to do it.(.Friday night is “Prayer “) They Come to America.. Adapt or go home !!! We did not INVITE Islam HERE.. They came here with MONEY.. They are not “refugees” They Came for PROFIT.. On a “mission”. to change America.. Americans are not going to Play this for too long.. WE are AWAKE.. The “Clean out” started 2 Nov..2012 the next bunch of “Sympathizers” are going home. Then The FULL scale removal of “problems” begin.. The Plan is already in place.Islam will be BANNED and Removed from the list of a religion and placed on the list of “crazy Cult shit” no civilized culture does anymore..Its only a few short years away..Till then America will USE DRONEs and KILL evey Islamic Fighter it can find on the EARTH..IF America has to NUKE MECCA to Make it happen it will stop ISLAM . JUST like America stopped the Nazi’s and Japanese in WWII..ATOMIC BOMBS !!!!