Polio immunizations for Afghan kids cancelled after Taliban murder doctors

by Kal El on September 16, 2008 · 1 comment

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The World Health Organization was forced to cancel a vaccination drive, thanks to Taliban muslim jihadists killing two doctors who were providing immunizations for children. So the Taliban not only killed two innocent doctors who were trying to help people, they leave the risk for millions of children to contract polio.

GENEVA (AFP) – Polio vaccinations for over a million Afghan children have been cancelled, the World Health Organization said Tuesday after two doctors were killed in a Taliban suicide attack.

“Campaigns in the southern region are cancelled,” WHO spokeswoman Sona Bari told AFP.

The programme was due to start on September 21 and was intended to reach 1.2 million children aged under five in Afghanistan’s southern regions, she said.

Two Afghan doctors working for the WHO were killed in a suicide car bombing in southeastern Afghanistan Sunday that was claimed by the Taliban.

The WHO said that a similar campaign in the eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Kunar and Laghman was still likely to go ahead, as were future campaigns in the south in October and November.

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  • Tonto (USA)

    We don’t have to go to war with these morons, they’ll kill themselves.