POLL: 50% of women in Turkey do not need economic independence

by Kal El on September 28, 2008 · 0 comments

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Apparently half of young Turkish women would rather stay home than work for themselves. It is not my place to judge, but considering how many muslimahs all across the globe who try to gain their independence (economic/religious/etc…) end up dead, often times at the hands of their family members, this doesn’t surprise me.


(ANSmed) – ANKARA, SEPTEMBER 24 – Almost half of urban Turkish women believe economic independence is unnecessary and younger generations seem to share this view more than the older ones, as local press reports. Under the framework of a series of research into women and entrepreneurship in Turkey this first poll by the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, Kagider, measures the attitude of women in Turkey toward entrepreneurship and their perceptions. The poll asked whether they would agree with the statement that women should have economic independence and 45% of them said they did not agree, while 45% said they agreed with the statement. Another significant finding from the research was that almost 50% of women between 15 and 19 believed the woman’s place was at home near the children. “The new generation is scared as they see the costs paid by those women who said business is first and they don’t want to experience the same difficulties”, psycologist Leyla Navaro, said. (ANSAmed).

Pardon the typos, but it is a foreign media source, and a rough translation into English.

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