Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan kidnapped

by Kal El on September 22, 2008 · 0 comments

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Bad news for these neighboring countries tied to the greater war against terrorism. Yet another example of terrorists targeting a civilian.

Gunmen open fire on Abdul Khaliq Farahi’s car, killing his driver

PAKISTANI gunmen have abducted the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Abdul Khaliq Farahi, after opening fire on his car and killing his driver, officials said.

The shooting and kidnapping happened at about 2pm on Monday in the Hayyatabad area of Peshawar, the cultural attaché to the Afghan consulate in Peshawar, Zahir Baburi, said.

The Interior Ministry confirmed the abduction, which no one has claimed responsibility for.

Farahi is the second ambassador  to be kidnapped in Peshawar this year.

In February, Taliban gunmen abducted the former Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan, Tariq Azizuddin, and his driver as they drove from Peshawar to the Afghan border.

The envoy was released three months later.

Original article found in Quqnoos.

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