Algeria: Al-Qaeda 'turncoat' reveals plans for suicide attacks

by Kal El on September 9, 2008 · 1 comment

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I really don’t know what to say about this guy.

Algiers, 9 Sept. (AKI) – To mark the month of Ramadan, leader of the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Abdel Malik Droukedel, reportedly invited four or five terrorists in the west of the country to carry out suicide attacks.

A terrorist turncoat revealed the information after he escaped from an Al-Qaeda cell on Sunday and turned himself over to police in the district of Wadi Rahiy, in the province of Ghalizan.

After he surrendered, he decided to collaborate with police, revealing that Droukedel intended to carry out the attacks during Ramadan on key commercial targets in the west of the country.

The turncoat used to operate in the central regions of Algeria, under the command of Hudheifa Abu Yunes al-Asimi who originally came from the capital, Algiers.

He clashed with the leader of the group because he did not want to involve civilians in any attacks.

According to the turncoat, Droukedel reportedly decided to change his strategy and relieve the pressure from central Algeria, recently the target of Al-Qaeda suicide attacks, to the western region to meet new objectives.

He reportedly decided to invest in these new attacks with the money from the ransom gained from the kidnap of several businessmen in Boumerdes and Tizi Ouzou, east of Algiers.

It is great that he ‘saw the error of his ways’ regarding the civilian populace, but what kind of justice will he face? Does he have blood on his hands already?

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