British Muslim "had Al Qaeda contacts book"; numbers written in invisible ink

by Kal El on September 24, 2008 · 0 comments

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Meanwhile the Untied Kingdom continues its journey towards dhimmification, such as allowing shariah courts to operate in England, and allowing muslim gangs to wage street jihad unchecked. Multiculturalism at its finest, folks…

A British Muslim owned a contacts book for Al Qaeda terrorists with their phone numbers written in invisible ink, a court heard today.

Rangzieb Ahmed, 33, had a collection of three books featuring information of ‘considerable importance’ after going to terrorist training camps in Pakistan, it was claimed.

The books were found during a search of a comrade’s house after an investigation into claims Ahmed was working on ‘important Al Qaeda business,’ a jury was told.

Rangzieb Ahmed habib

Travelling on important Al Qaeda business’: Rangzieb Ahmed (left) and Habib Ahmed deny terrorism charges

‘These books are very important in this case,’ said prosecutor Mr Andrew Eadis, QC.

‘They contain information in invisible ink. Who would write phone numbers on a book in invisible ink?

‘The prosecution say that these books contain information of considerable importance to a terrorist because it is information that enables terrorists to communicate by email secretly.

‘Something else of some importance is the phone numbers for terrorists, this is a contact book for a terrorist.’

Ahmed who was born in Rochdale, Greater Manchester was said to be an important member of Al Qaeda and in a position to direct some of its activities.

He was said to have been engaged in an operation which included him travelling to Dubai and intending to travel onwards to South Africa, but being diverted because something went wrong to the UK.

Ahmed, 33, of Fallowfield, Manchester denies terrorism charges alongside Habib Ahmed, 38, and Mehreen Haji, 27.

‘The period between December 2005 and July 2006 and also including August 2006 is the period the prosecution are concerned with,’ Mr Eadis told Manchester Crown Court.

‘The prosecution say that during that time, Rangzieb Ahmed was travelling on important Al Qaeda business. In that exercise, he was assisted by Habib Ahmed who followed him out to Dubai to help him.

‘They were overheard by the listening device in the hotel bedroom for a few days in December 2005.

‘Habib Ahmed went to help him because he is also a member of Al Qaeda and his job at that time was to help Rangzieb Ahmed.

‘That was in December 2005. After they had met in Dubai, they both separately flew to the UK around Christmas time.

Rangzieb Ahmed stayed in the UK most of that time until the January 17, 2006 when he flew out to Pakistan.

‘During that time he was training Al Qaeda contacts and he was being assisted by Habib Ahmed.

‘He was an important Al Qaeda member at that time and he was in this country and it was important for members of the organisation including Habib Ahmed to help him and that’s what happened.

Yikes. Makes me wonder how many of these types of sleepers we have here in the US…

Read the rest of the story in the Daily Mail.

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