British muslim suing Supermarket chain over having to handle alcohol on the job

by Kal El on September 30, 2008 · 12 comments

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What a surprise, more muslim whining for preferential treatment. Recall my earlier post about supermarket chain Tesco, which British muslims are petitioning to deny their right to sell alcohol, in a neighborhood heavily populated with muslims. This guy is obviously a DEE DEE DEE as he did not research the place of employment he chose to apply to. And common sense should tell anyone that a grocery store will stock alcohol on its shelves (beer, wine, wine coolers).

Devout Muslim sues Tesco for making him carry alcohol

A Muslim who claims he did not know Tesco sold alcohol is suing the store for religious discrimination after having to carry crates of drink as part of his job.

Forklift truck driver Mohammed Ahmed, 32, worked in a distribution depot for eight months before quitting ‘in protest’, an employment tribunal heard.

He claims he was forced to leave because handling beer, spirits and wine is against his strict Islamic beliefs and that he was victimised when he asked the company to give him another role.

Mr Ahmed, who was raised in Saudi Arabia, told the tribunal he had no idea his job entailed handling alcohol when he started work last September at the depot in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

When he realised it did, he asked to be found different work but alleges that one of his supervisors told him: ‘You do the job or go home.’

Mr Ahmed also claimed his line manager was ‘aggressive’ towards him and another supervisor angrily told him: ‘Do not take the p***.’

The problem allegedly worsened in November and December when extra alcohol arrived at the warehouse in readiness for Christmas, the tribunal in Birmingham heard.

Mr Ahmed claimed he eventually lodged an official grievance with the company in February and was ‘victimised and harassed’ as a result.

Victimized and harrassed? Was he kidnapped and then decapitated? Did someone run up to him shouting as they detonated their bomb vest? NOPE. They simply told him what we should tell every single muslim in the US who complains about having to handle pork or alcohol in American retail stores; Do the job, or go home.

The tribunal heard that Tesco has now ensured its induction process makes clear that handling alcohol is part of the job.

But Laura Canham, the company’s solicitor, said it was still unrealistic for Mr Ahmed to say he had no idea what his duties would be.

Mr Ahmed claimed he had never visited a Tesco store and was not aware the company sold alcohol. He admitted, however, having shopped in Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Asda, and noticing alcohol was on sale there.

Miss Canham said: ‘He was advised at the outset what the job would entail. At no stage did he raise the fact he could not handle alcohol.’

The tribunal was told Mr Ahmed also gave out ‘mixed messages’, at one stage suggesting he was allowed to handle Budweiser beer.

What’s that? He can handle Budweiser, but not other alcohol products? What happened, did some cleric from some ass backwards country proclaim that Budweiser is halal? This guy is so full of crap I can smell him from my desk in the middle east! I hope the company tells him to stick it where moon-god allah’s light don’t shine.

Read the rest in the Daily Mail.

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  • http://http// Noah David Simon

    let’s play devil’s advocate though.  person doesn’t realize the boxes he is lifting contains a specially designed condom that gives pleasure for during sodomy and several Christians on the job protest.  Or imagine a devout Catholic nurse who doesn’t realize she is working at an abortion clinic.  I myself as a Jew have worked in a deli at Colgate University and chopped Ham Sandwiches for the kids and I understand how to reasonable.  I thought of my job as being like a surgeon or doctor who was cutting meat that was not kosher… like human meat.  I’m not angry at you for writing this, it had me laughing about it, but it is hardly a rational argument against religious intolerance.  thanks

  • jennyjen

    If ignorance of the law is no excuse then ignorance of a job ain’t either. I think Muslims use Islam to get out of hard work. I’ve worked in a liquor store, hauling boxes of wine and spirits and 30 packs of beer ain’t light work, you will ache at the end of the day. I call bullshit, he just doesn’t want to work! He probably pulled a muscle on that Budweiser and said to hell with it.

  • FAR

    That’s why I don’t go work in supermarkets or with food and beverage, or promotion of such things as in leaflet distribution.
    Working in a builders merchants was fun, even though all I did was clean up, and breath dust, and carry the broken bricks and stuff to the skip. Working in Tesco’s wasn’t too bad as they didn’t tell me handle alcohol.
    Then again I didn’t get paid for those jobs…

  • Jeff

    This is just horse crap. Why do Muslims OWN LIQUOR STORES?!

    If booze offends them so much……

    I just figured it out, the Somali Muslims must be hijacking ships for rum, not the RUSSIAN MILITARY WEAPONS ON BOARD.

    Y’all think I’d get a fatwah if I started making a micro brew called “Islam Light beer?” Hell , it wouldn’t blow up, just fizz. :)

    I know , I know “I’m an intolerant bastar*.”

    ONE TRIES :)

  • Kal

    Jeff, You make that beer, I will buy a case per week. That would go great with a ham sandwich.  You should also sell islamo-nuts, like beer nuts but uber spicy, make you feel like an EFP went off in your mouth (get it? explosion, islam, lately it seems you cannot have one without the other!).

  • Tonto (USA)

    Are you kidding me?  The answer is simple, he was looking for a way to get on welfare without getting fired which would disqualify his ass.  Now he’s pissed because welfare won’t process his claim because he quit.  Damn! That was easy.  Next question.

  • Jeff

    Kal, my (beer) nuts are uber spicy…..
    OK that was uncalled for, but  I couldn’t resist !

    Silence !! I keel me ! ;)

  • Kal

    ROFL! That’s gross! Funny, but GROSS! :P I think I will stick to the beer…

  • GeorgeOfTheJungle

    Actually, he’s a Saudi. He realized he was working. He realized that Saudi’s don’t work; he suddenly remembered that Saudis hire expats from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Great Britain, the US and other western countries to do all the work for them. Therefor he thought up this beautiful lie to get some money, get his day of fame in the newspapers (and blogs), and reclaim his true Saudism.
    He is a muslim, therefor he will lie – it’s in the Cowran, that lying to infidels and Kuffars is great and acceptable. Someone should feed him a nice juicy pork sandwich and kick his brown arsehole all the way back to the god-forsaken, backwards country from which he came.
    God bless England, God bless the Queen, God bless all true Englishmen who have come to realize what a paedophile their so-called prophet was. St. George will win.

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