Devastating Video for the media to ignore: Obama talks about job Bill Ayers Gave him as qualification for US Senate

by Infidelesto on September 14, 2008 · 13 comments

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Another OUCH for Obama.  Geesh, stuff just keeps coming out about the man who the media and liberal-elite fully trust without recognition of ANY background check, yet are “terrorized” at the thought of a vice-president who happens to be the most popular governor in the country.

Here Obama is, in an interview, laying out his job qualifications for the US Senate, and one of the things he cites as a qualification is being the Chairman of the Board for the Annenberg Challenge, which was set up by Bill Ayers himself, including a “meet the candidate” event for Obama hosted at Bill ayers home.  Things just keep geting worse and worse for the “Unknown Chosen One”.

Oh and then we see Obama on tape citing his friends Pfleger and Wright.

So, my question to all you Obama lovers…Are you THAT afraid of John McCain to willfully ignore EVERYTHING we discover about this man? If so, then we can see even more clearly what this country is up against.

Nods to Ace for picking this up who adds:

How did Obama’s time on the Annenberg Challenge board go from being a key bullet-point in his resume — by his own accounting — to one the media refuses to even mention?

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  • Always On Watch


    The more voters know about Obama, the more they won’t want him in the Oval Office.  Some voters, anyway.  The left see BHO as “The One,” no matter what.

    Good find.

  • dka

    It is amazing how the left does not want to know and does not want others to be informed  about these facts either. I would like to know what happened to the money which was matched 2 to 1 and amounted to about 150 mill.Other than an empty title, never heard Nobama give an accounting or what he and Ayers have to show for, other than a big fat NOTHING! The money vanished into thin air. As will all your tax money if he is in the WH. He will hand it over to the UN as well as US sovereignity! After all, he feels the thugs of the UN should run the world, probably with great assistance from his low life ‘friends’!

  • carolyne

    Always on Watch you said a mouthful.  This was too good.  The defeat of this proud pompous OSO perfect pos SOBBHO guy is going to be the best thing in the World, out side of the second coming of Christ which will definitely be the best, ever.  In the meantime I am so glad to be able to witness SOBBHO down fall.   Just thinking of Nov. 4th and McCain/Palin winning makes my mouth water, all else pales in comparison for now.
    Humpty Dumpty OBAMA will have a G R E A T FALL and egg on his face.  Obama & MO’s chickens will come home to roost. JOY JOY JOY

  • JordanJordanJordan

    “Vociferous, erudite Communists\Democrats love Death and Lies believing them to be Life and Truth. The word “hypocrisy” cannot be applied to their subhuman system of belief. Hypocrisy is for humans.”

  • cube

    I can’t imagine anyone voting for this assclown.

  • Tonto (USA)

    This is nothing new.  The Tennessee “Plastic Man”, Gore did an obligatory tour in Vietnam (under guard of two majors at all times…for 9 months) as a Captain, to get his military service ticket punched.  Kerry did 4 months and got a bunch of Purple Hearts for little owiees that any combat troop would ignore, and was a fake also (see what the Swift Boat Boys said about that asshole).  This unqualified, arrogant asshole(Obama) is stepping on his dick every day with everything coming out of his mouth and everything in his shady background that’s emerging.  It’s all over for the libtards, and I think they know it.  That sure an’t stopping their mudslingin’ and lyin’ ass ways none.  That’s OK, they just dig their own hole deeper.  How in the hell could we ever consider electing a prez with a wife that looks like her hemmoroids are killing her and is a admitted whitey hater(Have you seen the papers she wrote in college?).  She is a regular  black version of the Klu Klux Klan on live TV.  She reminds me of Angela Davis and the Black Panther bitches.  ‘Nough said, I reckon.

  • Storm-Rider

    We’ve never had a Presidential candidate in American history who associated himself so closely with America haters:  Bomb-throwing American Communists such as Bill Ayers, and “God damn American” preachers such as Jeremiah Wright; and Communist mass-murderer Che Guevara loving campaign workers.

    And then there is the fact that Barak Hussein Obama’s birth certificate is a digitized fake with no certificate number and no signatures. Why doesn’t he have a real American birth certificate? Could it be that BHO is not a natural born American citizen? What does our Constitution say about that?

    And then there’s the Freudian slip where Barak Hussein Obama accidentally told the truth – about his Muslim faith.

    Aren’t American Presidential candidates supposed to love America – you know the America of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights? Only Islamists and Communists hate America, and they will only love America when she becomes a Communist nation under Communist Law, or an Islamist nation under Sharia Law, i.e.: when America is destroyed.

  • jennyjen

    I majored in journalism in college and I’m disgusted with the mainstream media. They are ignoring the facts, not asking questions and not digging into Barry as they are McCain. It’s journalism at it’s worse and I’m grateful to this site (among a few) for providing the real news, not the fluff!
    Tonto- can you get me a link to the papers she wrote in college? I’ve heard of her whitey-bashing but have yet to see it!

  • Gregorovitch

    jennyjen…Here you go.  The article is at Politico and the thesis is in 4 parts which links to them are on this page.

    Be sure you don’t have any guns, knives, or other dangerous objects near you when you read the thesis.  (smile)

  • andres

    the one this that’s unfortunate is that this will continue to be ignored. I have several liberal friends who all tout the same excuses Obama gave regarding his affiliations with Ayers; “he was only 8 when Ayers did the things you accuse him of”, dismissing the FACT that he actually participated in crimes against the united states, while at the same time dismissing Obama’s affiliations to him. They also pull out the quote from Obama that “he was just some guy who livess in his neighborhood” and then ask you to ignore the association with Ayers simply because we as conservatives should just chill and stop looking for crap against Obama.

    I have problems with all of this simply because of if it were a conservative with association to a right leaning christian church he’s be dead in the water as a candidate.

  • tillthen

    Great video.  The music was perfect!!!

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  • ender

    I saw fliers in the mail today how “the one” will look out and help the little guy because of his past experience.  but looking at that past of the little guys in his district, he helped himself and his friends.

    The tenants there had no heat from Dec. 27, 1996, until at least Feb. 3, 1997, when the city of Chicago sued. It was during this exact period that the district’s new state senator — Barack Obama — received a $1,000 donation from Rezmar. The date was Jan. 14, 1997.

    doesn’t even come close for helping any little guy. 
    But Obama did find time to write letters for Rezko supporting Rezko’s bid for $14 million in taxpayers’ money for an elder-care facility.

    • Seventeen buildings — many beset with code violations, including a lack of heat — ended up in foreclosure.
    • Six buildings are currently boarded up.
    • Hundreds of the apartments are vacant, in need of major repairs.
    • Taxpayers have been stuck with millions in unpaid loans.
    • At least a dozen times, the city of Chicago sued Rezmar for failure to heat buildings.

    Did State Senator Obama ever complain to anyone — government officials, Rezmar or Rezko — about the conditions of Rezmar’s buildings? There is apparently no documented evidence that Obama stood up for his constituents.

    Obama’s staff admitted that Rezko raised:

    • About $160,000 for Obama’s successful run for U.S. Senate in 2004
    • Between $60,000 to $90,000 for his state Senate campaigns and a failed bid for Congress in 2000