GASP! BBC forgets muslim prayer room for Arabic tv channel

by Kal El on September 2, 2008 · 3 comments

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Oh the horror! They won’t have a special room pointing towards Mecca, to bang their heads against the floor in 5 times a day! Of course if it were Christians or Jews, the BBC would likely tell them to pray on their own time, since we all know Christians and Jews don’t demand special treatment, nor would they riot when they don’t get it.

BBC blunder as bosses forget to build prayer room for new Arabic TV channel

For an organisation which prides itself on going to great lengths not to offend any minority groups, it is a source of considerable embarrassment.

The BBC is under fire from Muslims after spending millions on setting up an Arabic channel but forgetting to build a prayer room for its staff.

Many of the 220 workers hired by the corporation’s new TV service, have been forced to cram into tiny make-shift spaces to worship.

This has sparked accusations of BBC ‘ignorance’ over the way it has treated religious sensitivities of its employees.

The corporation is launching the new service, hailed as its answer to Al Jazeera, in the coming months.

It will air from a ground-breaking multimedia studio, which is part of the overbudget £830million redevelopment of Broadcasting House.

The service, which will cost about £20m a year to run, is currently piloting for its high-profile launch.

It has been described as the model for future BBC stations.

But despite the massive expense and planning, executives forgot one vital thing in its ambitious scheme. A permanent prayer room.

Staff have been forced to march out of the building to another site across the road, where a prayer room for all faiths has been set up.

Muslims, who pray to Mecca five times a day, starting at sunrise and ending at sunset, are making repeated trips to Henry Wood House nearby.

One employee said: “It is unbelievable. The original plans didn’t even mention a prayer room. They just gave us the only rooms available.

Read the rest in the Daily Mail.

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  • Tonto (USA)

    Why all the brewha?  Just chalk it up to “Tough Shit, you dingbat”.  These mooslim idiots need to get a life.

  • carolyne

    If I had an employee that had to stop and take a prayer break five times a day, they would be fired, no ifs ands or buts. I’d say: “Hey you are not paid to pray, you are paid to work, so get to work.”  Pray to yourself and God and for God’s sake quit wasting time and my money.  They could all just go to mecca and stay there, then they could pray every second of everyday, where ever that is?  God isn’t listening to a heathen’s prayer, how real-diculous and you are right Tonto, get a life and get on with it.  Get out of this world would be better!  ASAP!

    What is the deal?   Obama: Call to (Muslim) prayer “is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset!”  Well if that is how Obama thinks, then please someone tell him just get out of America and join with his bloody relatives, the Muslims, ASAP!  IMO it would NOT be a pretty sound at sunrise or sunset or in between, and I better not hear that friggin’ sound in the USA, there could be some real damage. The USA, whether Obama thinks so or NOT, is a Christian nation, and to hell will the Muslims even being here acting Muslim, they can become Christian,  then pray normal.  I’m REAL sick of this nonsense. 
    Islamic prayer tower rises in St. Louis ??  Who bedevil allowed this blasphemous thing to happen??  If I were President or VP  I’d tear the damn thing down.  This is getting too much,  God is NOT pleased folks, and neither am I.  Is anyone going to take a stand and stop the adversary (Satan) ?  We better take heed!
    IF Obama gets in, you can count on more Muslim, & more Muslim.
    Obama is a Muslim through and through, blood line and ALL!!!!

    That is Obama’s plan and that is the ‘Change’ he plans to take.

    We believers in America better watch out and pray to the one true God, in the name of Jesus Christ to get rid of this devilish crap!

  • jennyjen

    If Alcoholics can’t have a bar at work then Muslims shouldn’t get a prayer room- it’s that simple. I’m about 350 miles south of St. Louis (heart of the bible belt)- I’m appalled by this tower you speak of Carolyn, my favorite baseball team has to play in that city and I go there often for games! Now I get to look at an eye-sore Islamic prayer tower- it’s probably in the background of the Arch. If it’s anywhere near my beloved Budweiser brewery…well- can you say temporary insanity….