Iran: 'Barbie' doll beats Islamic 'Sara'

by Kal El on September 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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Despite the mullahnazi regime’s best efforts to thwart American cultural influence, children in Iran are choosing an American cultural icon. Imagine that. Barbie is the popular choice for kids. Let’s pray Iran doesn’t start passing laws banning kids from having the toys they want.

Tehran, 25 Sept. (AKI) – Iranian children seem to prefer the popular western dolls, Barbie and Ken, rather than the Islamic Dara and Sara dolls, that were created to instill Islamic values.

“This data is a clear sign of a failed policy adopted by the government with the aim of stopping the western cultural invasion,” said website ‘Tabnak’, which is close to Mohsen Rezaii, former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The Dara and Sara dolls are modestly dressed and wear Islamic garments, but have failed to make a name for themselves unlike their ‘western’ counterparts, Barbie and Ken, which can be found in one out of every two Iranian children’s rucksacks and notebooks, claimed Tabnak.

Dara and Sara were marketed by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, a government agency with links to the Ministry of Education.

I take great personal joy in knowing an islamic countries totalitarian policies have failed. Groups like CAIR, who only speak out when a muslim is caught planning jihad attacks, but remain silent when a muslim kills his daughter to protect the family honor, or when a muslim cleric speaks out in favor of killing infidels in a mosque are okay. But if their own children choose our toys, they accuse us of a cultural invasion. Gotta love it.

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