Iran: Teenager sentenced to five years for political activism

by Kal El on September 23, 2008 · 0 comments

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And earlier today, Iranian President Mahmoud I’mADamnNutJob addressed the UN, saying that without justice, the entire universe would collapse.

Tehran, 19 Sept. (AKI) – A sixteen-year-old teenager has been sentenced to five years in jail for political activism.

Ebrahim Mehrnahad was sentenced by a court in Zahedan, capital of Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province for ‘conspiracy against the central powers’.

Mehrnahad is the younger brother of Yaghoub Mehrnahad, a journalist and activist who was hanged on 4 August in Zahedan for alleged membership of Jundallah (Soldiers of Allah), an armed Baluchi group.

Ebrahim was also a member of a youth cultural association, founded by his late brother.

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