Nigeria: Muslims Decide Infidel Church "Too Close" to Mosque, Burn it to the Ground

by Infidelesto on September 2, 2008 · 2 comments

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I’m sure this report is blown out of proprtion by right wing wackos.  It was probably just a peaceful demostration of interfaith dialogue.

Compass Direct

ILORIN, Nigeria, September 2 (Compass Direct News) – Muslim extremists on Sunday (Aug. 31) set ablaze a church building in the Baboko area of this city in central Nigeria’s Kwara state.

The Rev. Samuel Ogowole told Compass that the extremists barred members of his Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) from getting to the building on Sunday, and the Town Planning Development Authority had sealed off the premises following pressure from area Muslims. The congregation had gone to a site on the outskirts of the city for worship when the Muslim extremists destroyed the church building, a 20 million naira (US$170,575) structure built four years ago.

Rev. Ogowole told Compass that area Muslims had complained that the church building is located near a mosque. Compass found that the church building was 500 meters from the Baboko mosque.

Muslim leaders had filed a complaint with an interfaith panel called the Inter-Religious Committee, established by the Kwara state government to mediate Muslim-Christian conflicts. Rev. Ogowole said the body initially ruled against the Islamists’ claim, but under Muslim pressure later issued a second resolution ordering the church to relocate.

“The Inter-Religious committee after investigating the issue explained that it is not true that our church is close to the mosque, and as such there is no justification of the claims of the Muslims,” he said. “But the Muslims still have not allowed us to worship here in peace.”

To appease the Muslim community, Rev. Ogowole said, the Kwara state government offered church leaders 3 million naira (US$25,580) and ordered the congregation to relocate. Church leaders rejected the order, saying they had spent nearly seven times that much to construct the church building.

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  • Kal

    Yes, this is interfaith dialog, muslim jihadists shouting, looting, burning, pillaging, and raping, while Christians endure it. It’s give and take. They (muslim jihadists) give us shit, and we (kuffars) take it. For now…

  • Tonto (USA)

    I just don’t understand why we don’t hear squat about all the nasty things those dirty Christians, Hindus, Ba’Ah Hais and Buddhists are doing to those poor downtrodden muslims to make them so mad.  Boy muslims, just cause everybody is against you, you don’t need to get all paranoid!