Over 100 dead this month after Philippines tries to appease Islamists by allowing Sharia Law in southern provinces

by Infidelesto on September 25, 2008 · 1 comment

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UK and Thailand should take note…

In the southern Philippines, fighting between religious militias has left at least 100 dead in the past month. An attempt by the government to ease tensions by allowing the dominant Muslims to enforce Sharia law has only resulted in more violence.

In Marawi City, the “Islamic Pearl” of the Philippines, Sharia law is the only rule. This was a concession by the government to Muslims aimed at easing the tensions between their community and Christians in the southern Philippines.

The move has had the opposite effect. For the past five weeks, the conflict between the army and Muslim rebels has escalated. Religious violence in the southern Philippines has left 100 people dead and 400,000 displaced in the past month. The government has deployed 70% of its armed forces in the zone.

via Jihadwatch

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  • jennyjen

    They let the Muslims take over, bloodshed followed. I hope the outbreak of violence didn’t come as a shock to anyone. This story needs full press coverage throughout the world so other countries can see what follows Sharia Law. Of course, that would mean we would have a responsible media, HA!