Pakistan: Child hostages freed in troubled northwest

by Kal El on September 18, 2008 · 8 comments

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Thank God, or we might have had another Beslan on our hands (yet another gift to the world from the religion of peace).

Upper Dir, 18 Sept. (AKI) – Local people in northwest Pakistan on Thursday fought three militants and freed about 300 school students who had been taken hostage earlier in the day.

The residents stormed the primary school building in the Upper Dir district of the North West Frontier Province, bordering Afghanistan, where three suicide bombers were holding the children.

According to media reports, the captors engaged in a gun battle before freeing all the captives unhurt.

Two of the militants were reportedly suicide bombers who blew themselves up, while the third fled.

The district is near the Bajaur tribal region and the Swat Valley, both of which have been the scene of much insurgent violence in recent months.

Pakistan’s security forces claim to have killed more than 700 militants in an offensive in the Bajaur tribal region bordering Afghanistan in the past six weeks.

At least 19 gunmen were killed in a battle in the region on Wednesday, according to military sources.

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  • Jeff

    Kal, I will mince no words here. If this post is pulled I understand. This will happen in America,  and on that day, I hope that internment camps are opened up, CAIR is shut down and many Mosques are razed into the dirt. Kal, I’m not advocating anything, I’m predicting what will happen. If our Government leaders  refuse to protect us. We will protect ourselves against the jihadi vermin scum. Muslims burn people in India to death on trains, and they retaliate with fervor and anger. Make no mistake about it, mayhem and chaos will rule the streets of America when the shopping mall or the school full of children goes up in a blast of islamic terror. “Moderate” Muslims, the hour glass is ticking. We the people of America WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS IN OUR LAND. Don’t consider this a warning, consider it a friendly message. Or test the will of the American people when we get pi$$ed off. Japan did it, read history before you are history. I stand by every word I texted,  is not responsible in any shape or form for my opinion.

  • Kal

    Why would I remove your post? You are simply speaking your opinion, free speech. This is still The United States Of America, not Derkaderkastan ;)

    P.S. I like the reference to Japan

  • Liz

    kal, I too believe that something will happen here. If they manage to set off a dirty bomb or a suitcase nuke, attack a school, or any other number of heinous acts we will go to war. And the things that happen will make WWII look like a picnic. I saw the picture that’s going around on terrorist websites of Washington DC destroyed.  If they think that would destroy our will to fight, they should think again. Well, the British burned it in the war of 1812, and we rebuilt it.   If they accomplished something as bad as that, we would pick up our arms and go to war.  And a pissed of United States, is not one that moderate muslims want to see if we are attacked like that. If they thought what happened after 9/11 was bad, then they should hope and pray that nothing happens. All we’ll remember is that their mosques were preaching hate and terror, and were all funded by Saudi. All we’ll remember is that we never saw any of them stand up against terror, and we’ll forget the few who did. They should remember that America went crazy against the Japanese, and they were all trying to assimilate into American culture. We’ll remember that the Muslims refused to become Americans, and wanted to be separate. We’ll only see that there is nothing there to make us trust them.  I think there would be blood in the streets. I hope it doesn’t happen. We all want to live in peace, but if they bring it…we as a nation will bring it right back.  It’s not a warning from me either. I just know my country. And you can push us only so far. I hope and pray that it never come to this, but I think it will.

  • Jeff

     Kal , I’ve been kicked, booted , banned so many times from so called “Pro American” sites, I’m still skiddish. Bless you. I’ve forgotten this site is different than many others.  So if I may, this is a 4 minute clip from a broadcaster that I like.

    Michael Savage ( Hate him or love him, he speaks his mind.)

    This sums it up. Youtube slapped this video down on my yt site (TOS). They let muslim terror videos by the thousands on.  Guess I’m just an angry American.
    YES I AM. (Note too the mujahidan Japan went BOOM)

    Silence!!! ;) Take care , I’m going too call my ex wife and find the WMD !

  • Liz

    kal…You Tube banned Michael Savage. I thought there was a first amendment. Too much truth for them.

  • Liz

    Oops I meant Jeff

  • Kal


    F**K Youtube :D , and no worries about the post staying up. As long as there is breath in my lungs, you will be free to say what you want here, as long as you don’t incite hate/murder/etc… like the enemy does. 
    I am an ANGRY American too. We get that way when pushed too far.
  • jennyjen

    You Tube can kiss my freedom-lovin ass! Jeff, you keep on rockin! I’d like to join the ranks of Angry Americans, I’ll be in good company!