Pakistani man cuts off his wife's foot on SUSPICION of infidelity

by Kal El on September 19, 2008 · 9 comments

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SUSPICION. Not proof, just suspicion, and he cuts off her foot. 

Man cuts off wife’s foot for ‘cheating on him’

LAHORE: A man in Multan cut off his wife’s foot on the suspicion that she had an affair with another man, Express News reported on Thursday. According to the channel, the police said that Nasir had told his wife not to visit their neighbours, but she persisted with the visits, which led to a dispute between the couple. Nasir reportedly cut his wife’s right foot when she returned home from work. The doctors had re-attached the foot and said that the woman would take eight months to recover. daily times monitor

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  • Tonto (USA)

      I’m sure this pakistani peckerhead saw this as his “right” and OK in his religion.  Religion of peace, my light brown ass!

  • Always On Watch

    I just have to ask: Is the barabarian going to be hauled into court for attempted murder?  I suspect not.

  • Liz

    Oh how could you all say that? I’m sure he was totally innocent and was a peace loving man. His wife probably fell on an axe and cut off her own foot.

  • carolyne

    Liz:  After reading this horror, it should he easy to confound the enemy.  OMG!

    I tell you this, as God as my witness,  the women need to be trained in self-defence and given my BOBBITT tool.
    All that guy would have to do is go to sleep and never wake up.

  • Liz

    Carolyne…since our Muslim “friends” stay in denial and refuse to agree about the violence, I’ve decided to become sarcastic woman at every opportunity. I tell you what…if my husband ever hit me, I might not be able to get him awake, but he has to sleep sometime and I’ve got a big cast iron skillit.  If you’ve ever seen the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, it’s the “give him some good hot grits, honey” scene. If you haven’t seen it…go rent it. Fabulous movie. Of course living somewhere where you get 200 lashes for defending yourself makes it well nigh impossible. Glad my hubby of 32 years is an awesome guy who believes that any man who hits a woman should go to jail.

  • carolyne

    I’ve got you beat, my husband and I have been married 42 years.

    About the 200 lashes, in order for their to be a crime, you would have to find the body, right!  Trust me their would be no body, remember “Fried Green Tomatoes,”  humm good, yum, yum those pigs make good tasting barbeque.
    Saving a pig or two for the nice dogs.  I’m into humane efforts!  I actually cook for my dog, an Aussie.   She’s great.  Yes we are blessed to be an American!

  • carolyne

    When typing I get their and there mixed up so made a mistake on their, but as I said make no mistake – there would be some major damage if you (LIz) jenneyjen and myself were to deal with these Muslim men, of which you would be calling eunuchs,  NO WORRIES, that problem would soon be taken care of.
    Let’s make a movie titled: THREE GOOD AND MAD WHITE WOMEN,  and put the fear of God in those SOB’S. 

    I’ve written a spoof on – why women don’t like Sarah Palin!  You will love it.
    I’ll post it on, in a couple of days, if that is OK with Infidels are Cool?  Not sure where to post??  Need to get permission.

    Why Now?? 

  • carolyne

    I did not type Why Now??  although I must have, as I looked around no one else was at the computer. LOL.  I would like to ask, one simple stupid question if I may, please.  Why the H^$#@ is Barack Hussein Obama still in this race, as he should by all rights be in prison with what all he has done?
    Of course, God is going to take him out, we know that, just a question of which there is no answer, that is why it is stupid.  Sorry, forget I asked.

  • Anonymous

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