Pole dancing daughter of muslim hate preacher goes into protective custody

by Kal El on September 29, 2008 · 2 comments

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Yeah , islam, that really is the religion of tolerance. Just don’t say or do anything they disagree with, or they’ll kill you. The daughter of a deported muslim hate cleric has had to ask for police protection thanks to the ‘peaceful’ followers of her father’s rants. Oh, and that publisher mentioned in my previous post about the firebombing, he had to disappear, thanks to the religion of peace.

Bakri’s daughter goes into hiding

Special Branch are going to have their work cut out this week. Martin Rynja, who runs Gibson Square, the publishing company behind the controversial novel The Jewel of Medina, a fictional account of the Muslim prophet Mohammed’s child bride by American journalist Sherry Jones, has been forced into hiding after a foiled firebomb attack on his house at the weekend.

A spokesman for Omar Bakri (pictured), the right-wing Muslin cleric, warned of more trouble over the book, which includes an account of the night the prophet consummates his marriage, claiming it was just “the thin end of the wedge”. Meanwhile, a member of Bakri’s own family, his daughter Yasmin Fostok, has also been forced to seek police protection after it was disclosed she was working as a pole-dancer and received a number of threats from Islamic extremists, presumably her father’s supporters.

It was further revealed at the weekend that Bakri gave £4,000 to Yasmin, 27, so she could have a breast enhancement operation to help her with her chosen career. However, Bakri, who praised the September 11 attacks and who left Britain for Lebanon after the July 2005 London bombers, is now saying Fostok is not his daughter but an impostor being used to discredit him. It has certainly got him seething. He says that Britian will “pay a heavy price” for the disclosures.

How much longer will the Untied Kingdom continue to bend over and take it?
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