Saudi Cleric: Flog Journalists Who Insult Clerics

by Kal El on September 21, 2008 · 7 comments

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Only in Saudi

Saudi sheikh Abdallah bin Jibreen, a former member of the Saudi Fatwa Council, has stated that journalists who insult clerics in their articles and on television programs should be fired and punished by flogging.

Maybe if the clerics were not actively recruiting Saudi teens to go to Iraq and blow themselves up, and preaching that the West is the great satan, the Saudi’s with their heads NOT up their asses would feel less inclined to insult them…

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  • Liz

    Is it yet another fatwa? All those poor clerics, being insulted by the big bad journalists. I guess that when you become a cleric, you become SO important that no one can make you feel unimportant, and you certainly can’t have a sense of humor. It must be on the job application. DO NOT EVER, EVER laugh at yourself. And learn how to issue lots and lots of fatwas.

  • jennyjen

    Liz, don’t forget the nappy beard/lust for farm animals requirement! :)

  • Liz

    jennyjen…DIt’s all in the fatwas…don’t you read thye fatwas? Get busy woman…those fatwas are the rules, and rules and rules to live by.  Die Mickey!!!

  • Liz

    When you try to write on a laptop in the car, the spelling goes out the wondow

  • Tonto (USA)

    I think it’s a good idea to have a fatwa council.  We oughta have an American one and put out fatwas on people like amadinanazi, nazirallah, talibanazis, alqaidanazis, and any mullhanazis that piss us off and just open season on them like they do on everybody else.  That might help to reshape their thinking a bit.  Would really like to see us totally independent of foreign energy sources, then we could put out fatwas on some saudi pukes that need killing.  That would be real nice.

  • Liz

    Tonto…give yourself a clerical name, we’ll declare you his Grand High Poobahness, and you can start issuing fatwas. I’ll help with some. So will jenny I’m sure, and lots of others. Anyone got any good ones?

  • Kal


    Now now, stop sugarcoating it and tell us how you really feel :P