Saudi cleric issues fatwa, calling for death sentence for Mickey Mouse

by Kal El on September 16, 2008 · 17 comments

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Because according to islam, mice are impure. But muslims who cut off the heads of non-muslims, rape women and children, blow themselves up and want to take over the world are pure. Right.

He may have survived the battle with the brooms in “Fantasia,” but now Mickey Mouse has to contend with Islam.

Calling the loveable Disney rodent “one of Satan’s soldiers,” Sheikh Muhammad Munajid said household mice and their animated counterparts must be rubbed out, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

“Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases.”

Munajid, a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C., made the remarks on Arab television network al-Majd TV after he was asked to give Islam’s teaching on mice.

And Mickey wasn’t alone. Munajid also mentioned Jerry from “Tom and Jerry” fame is on his list of “impure” cartoon mice.

Of course this is coming from Saudi, the land where they have camel beauty pageants. No word on whether the winner of the pageant is spared from being molested by horny, inbred, drooling Saudis. Now some readers might take offense at me painting Saudis with such a broad brush, but that is the opinion of nearly EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know who has lived in Saudi, whether for work, or because their family originated there. And the neighboring Arab countries hate the Saudis more than they hate us!

Original story found in FOXNews.

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  • Beth in Chicago

    So let me see if I have this straight… Mickey Mouse and Jerry are off limits for entertainment purposes but Farfur (imitation Mickey Mouse) was fine for indoctrinating youngsters into hate? (,2933,270457,00.html)

  • Liz

    Sometimes the stupidity of people astounds me. These people have nothing better to do than dream up more things to declare fatwas against.  Between praying 5 times a day, running around looking for everything that’s wrong with everything in the world, and spewing hate from every platform they can find…I guess they have no real life. Sheik Muhammud is an idiot!

  • Liz

    Hey Infidelesto…can we get a list of all the fatwas you’ve posted?  It must number in the millions.

  • jennyjen

    Calling for the death of an animated mouse, that’s sad but entertaining. Well, Mickey has never been my fave character. I know how much they hate dogs- if they mess with Scooby-Doo…..this girl gonna have to get physical :)

  • carolyne

    I’m with you, Scooby-Doo is off limits.  I think calling in the Indians and the wolves wouldn’t hurt.  A few scalping’s and those Muslims would scatter to Kingdom Comes.  They would vanish.  Get TOUGH and like jennyjen says, send up RUDE smoke signals.

  • MustavaWhikeyJeffAchmed

    Mickey mouse iz a zionist plot to kill more palistinians!!  The mujahadin will behead the mouse skooby doo is next !
    Allau Ackbar!

  • Kal


    Good luck trying to take out Yosemite Sam. That sumbitch will FIGHT BACK! :P

  • carolyne

    Maybe we should back up here.  Lost in translation, now for real this guy will behead M I C K E Y  M O U S E  ?  Brit Hume on FOX News got very tickled reporting this today, but I gather this is very serious and very dangerous.  I am sorry for being ignorant of this grave situation.  Fill me in, please.

    I can agree with you Kai on Yosemite Sam.   Poor Skooby doo, jennyjen will save him. 

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  • Tonto (USA)

    Muslims are living proof that we are never going to run out of assholes on this planet earth!

  • Cher

    Mickey Mouse…lock n lode and git-r-done. Get all the cartoon piggies and charge. Rambo style….

  • JewsFatwaKillAllGentiles

    Talmud Sofrim 15:10
    R. Shimon ben Yochai taught: Kill [even] the good among the gentiles.
    Wow, isn’t that like mass genocide???

    Take anything out of context and you can make a laughing stock of anyone over anything.

    In typical Islam-bashing media frenzy, no one actually bothered to actually notice he was LAUGHING when he said this (yes, it was a video clip). He was indeed talking about rodents and their disgusting traits, and that in his opinion, using what in normal human nature is considered to be filthy and undesirable, as a wildly popular protagonist in children’s cartoons, is not the most appropriate choice. Then he said jokingly, in fact, since Mickey Mouse basically is a rodent, and rodents should be exterminated, that in fact Mickey should be exterminated.

    He LAUGHED while saying it, get it? Doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, but presenting this as some kind of scholarly fatwa to search out and behead a cartoon character just reflects the simple-minded blind media stupidity that the average person is ready to consume and regurgitate blindly.

    And of course since it is about Islam or Muslims, hey, it’s OK–have a field day. Now if it were about Jews…

  • Kal


    That verse was plagiarized by pedophile Muhammad and entered into the quran.
    Yes that verse is evil, BUT when was the last time you heard about a Jew actually acting on that verse? And when was the last time you heard about a  muslim acting on the plagiarized verse in the quran? For my part, I could not find a reference anywhere about a Jew doing that. For muslims, I am watching a report right now about a muslim who blew himself up in Iraq, and a bomb threat called in to the Islamabad airport in Pakistan…

    Also, if this was a simple joke, why did an Egyptian cleric say the exact opposite about it?

  • JewsFatwaKillAllGentiles

    1) Jews killing non-Jews? You’re right, of course, silly of me, that NEVER happens. They’re just innocent victims.

    2) The Egyptian cleric said “it is illogical to deal with a cartoon character as a live mouse and kill it.”. Wow, that’s really enlightening. How does this validate that he was not joking??

    The video clip is on the internet; anyone wanting to validate just needs to PAY ATTENTION instead of succumbing to hysteria !!

    Anyway, it’s clear no one is interested in exhibiting rationale here, just an Islam and Muslim-bashing fest, so forgive my intrusion on your party. Carry on.

  • JewsFatwaKillAllGentiles

    How about Jewish terrorism against Jews? Is 25 Sep recent enough for you?

    By Samuel Sockol
    Washington Post Foreign Service
    Friday, September 26, 2008; Page A19
    JERUSALEM, Sept. 25 — Zeev Sternhell, a leading Israeli political scientist and a frequent critic of Jewish settlement of the West Bank, was lightly wounded early Thursday when a pipe bomb exploded outside his home in Jerusalem.
    Police discovered fliers in Sternhell’s neighborhood offering a $320,000 bounty for the killing of any member of Peace Now, an Israeli organization Sternhell has supported that opposes Jewish settlement of lands occupied by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war…
    Sternhell has often criticized the settler movement and the government support it has received. “Since it was impossible to take control of the lands legally, a mafia-like culture of theft, lies and deception developed in the territories, in which the various government authorities are still wallowing,” he wrote in the daily Haaretz last month. “Contrary to the rules of international and Israeli law, contrary to elementary rules of justice, contrary to all logic and every genuine Israeli interest, broad areas were confiscated for the sake of the settlers and huge sums were poured in.”

  • Hammam

    Listen to Sheikh Munajid saying, this is a false propaganda

  • mickey mouse nike dunks