Sikhs and Hindus accuse BBC of pro-Muslim bias

by Kal El on September 9, 2008 · 6 comments

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It’s about time someone says what everyone knows to be true. The BBC has done all it can to hide the fact that muslims are committing gang attacks, gang rapes, and building no go areas for non muslims in the UK, for the past 6 years, for fear of offending fans of shoebomber wanna-be Richard Reid, the 7/7 Backpack jihadists, or the clerics who teach in mosques that it is ok to kill kuffar .

Hindu and Sikh leaders have accused the BBC of pandering to Britain’s Muslim community by making a disproportionate number of programmes on Islam at the expense of covering other Asian religions.

A breakdown of programming from the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department, seen by The Independent, reveals that since 2001, the BBC made 41 faith programmes on Islam, compared with just five on Hinduism and one on Sikhism.

Critics say the disproportionate amount of programming is part of an apparent bias within the BBC towards Islam since the attacks of 11 September 2001, which has placed an often uncomfortable media spotlight on Britain’s Muslims.

Ashish Joshi, the chairman of the Network of Sikh Organisation’s (NSO) media monitoring group, which obtained the numbers, said many Hindu and Sikh licence-fee payers felt cheated. “People in our communities are shocked,” he said. “We are licence-fee payers and we want to know why this has happened. The bias towards Islam at the expense of Hindus and particularly Sikhs is overwhelming and appears to be a part of BBC policy.”

Indarjit Singh, the editor of the Sikh Messenger and a regular contributor to BBC Radio4′s Thought for the Day, said that the public broadcaster was focusing too much attention on Islam at the expense of other religious communities.

Sounds kind of like our media here in the States, fully in the tank for the socialists and elitists like arugula boy Barry Obama…

Read the rest of the story in The Independent.

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  • Thorum

    Well, I have to say I agree with the Hindus and Sikhs. Actually a better phrase to describe the BBC besides “pro-Muslim” is “afraid of Muslims.”

  • jennyjen

    Well maybe if they weren’t responsible for terror attacks they wouldn’t feel the uncomfortable spotlight of the media! Muslims in the UK run around acting like little punks and the media is “softening” the story by calling them Asians. Once again I scream- Shenanigans Sir! If you act bad, you get treated bad-expose them for what they truly are and if they don’t like it, they can go back to the taint of the world aka- Middle East.


    The BBC is a very well-known propagandist for Islam.The way they talk about Israel is
    appallingly biased against it.
    Once a BBC's host called Zeina Bardawi questioned Israel's right to EXIST.I'll never forget
    or forgive this outrage.

  • Beej

    Yes, JEWHAWK, you are, alas! correct, though it saddens me to say so. I was born and raised in the UK and grew up to believe that Britain stood for the finest human values. The BBC was perhaps, the country's proudest institution. And then I began to read history ……… All that nonsense about Britain winning the war! Ever heard of Russia? I ask those who claim this. Britain's record in the Middle East during the 20th Century makes me cringe with embarrassment. For some decades, now, the Lefties have gained the ascendancy in Britain, ruining the BBC and making a sad mess of the universities. Have you ever read The Guardian? Vomit-inducing stuff. Americans should pay close attention to what is unfolding in the UK so that they might be wary of such capitulation.

    • hellosnackbar

      What's sad is that Hindus(and to a lesser extent Sikhs) are often confused with the muslim mob;when in reality they would sacrifice half their income to get rid of them.

  • hellosnackbar

    What's sad is that Hindus(and to a lesser extent Sikhs) are often confused with the muslim mob;when in reality they would sacrifice half their income to get rid of them.