UK gov't entity demands employees observe Ramadan including fasting

by Infidelesto on September 3, 2008 · 11 comments

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Not really suprising, considering the head of the Council is a freedom loving Muslim.

The Leader of the Council is Councillor Lutfur Rahman, who is also the Leader of the Labour Group.

Compulsory fasting for all

Tower Hamlets has asked non-Muslims to observe aspects of Ramadan

Later this month it’s Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It’s one of the holiest days of the Jewish calendar, so I’d be obliged, please, if you’d all stay at home, turn off the TV and refrain from your usual activities. Ten days after that it’s Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when Jews fast and spend the day in synagogue. So I’ve also asked my Times colleagues not to work then. And I will be mightily offended if I learn afterwards that any of them have been eating.

You might not think I am being serious. But if I was Head of Democratic Services at Tower Hamlets Council in East London, I would be. Last week John Williams e-mailed each of the borough’s 51 councillors with a similar instruction.

For the duration of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, they are, he told them – every one of them, Muslim, Catholic, Jew or atheist – to behave during council meetings as strict Muslims. They are not to eat or drink; they are to break for Muslim prayers; they are to do as they are ordered by the Muslim religion.

Strict Muslims do not eat or drink between sunrise or sunset during Ramadan. Because sunset will fall during the meetings, there will be 45-minute adjournments so that councillors can break their fast and pray. And to make things easier, there will only be seven council meetings during the month.

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  • Greg

    The government of england is so stupid. Why don’t the people vote those dullards out of office? Do englanders even get to vote? If they can’t they should at least riot.

  • Liz

    If I were one of those being told this tripe, I’d tell Counsellor Lutfur Rahman to strategically place these instructions where the “sun don’t shine”.  I’d tell him he offends me and who cares if he is offended. This is the ultimate idiocy. I had someone  with a head scarf tell me that a Christain tee shirt offended them. I laughed and said “oh well, your whole religion offends me, so I guess we’re even.”

  • jennyjen

    Rock On Liz! A Muslim made fun of my southern accent recently. He was wearing super baggy jeans and I told him from what I hear about Muslims, you don’t need all that room. He stomped off mumbling something in Arabic so I yelled my best Arabic (bullha-bullha) at him- with my southern accent of course! They think they can best us and their arrogance will be their demise!

  • Kal


    next time tell him allahu khanzir (allah is a pig – loose translation) to rile him up :D

  • jennyjen

    I’ll remember that :)

  • Tonto (USA)

    Jennyjen, better yet, tell him “Nyeek Hal-Eck”.  That’s even better.  Means “go screw yourself”.  They like that anyway, next to screwing a donkey.  (Goes well with a southren accent too.)

  • jennyjen

    Yall are the shizzz! Im gonna have to store them both in my cell phone until I got them down! Jonesboro (last time I checked) had the highest Muslim population of Arkansas and I need to know some bad-ass lines!

  • Liz

    My husband has spent 4 years in Afghanistan as a civilian working for the military. After a year home, he’s on his way back there to work on a firebase on the Pakistan border.  He said that in talking to Afghan men there, they have a  saying, “Women are for babies, and boys are for pleasure.” So whether it’s donkeys or pedophilia, it’s all SO wrong. Stand up and speak out! I think they probably have the death penalty for sex with donkeys…but hmmm…I wonder if they would blame the donkey? However sex with young prepubescent boys is perfectly A-OK.

  • jennyjen

    It’s the donkeys fault no doubt- all that exposed skin just ignites the loins of Muslim men. It’s probably the young boys faults’ as well- running around playing in the sand- Sick Bastards! How dare they taunt the men in such ways!
    There’s my “it’s too damn early” induced humor…its a bit more sadistic than the beer induced. :)

  • Liz

    Burqas for donkeys. What a thought. They’d better make sure they cover the ears. We wouldn’t want those sexy things exposed. The whole thing makes me sick. In Christian circles a fruit of the Spirit is SELF CONTROL. Just shows the difference. A whole culture of sick men who blame women for their own disgusting sexual tendencies.

  • Anonymous

    People need to get together and stop fighting this nonsense. I don’t care if someone is Muslim and wants to keep the Ramadan fast. Where I draw the line is when they want to force non-Muslims to do this. I would never DREAM of forcing others to follow my religious beliefs.

    Like I told my husband, “I wear modest dress because I WANT to. I’ll be damned if anyone is going to force it on me.” I am not allowing ANYONE to tell me how to dress. I’m an adult and fully capable of deciding what to wear on my own.

    All the Yanks that read this board need to start paying very strict attention. This is coming to the US if something is not done. I’m all for religious freedom but these nimrods are abusing our freedoms to try to force us to their religion.