Video Flashback: Palestinians celebrating the murder of 3000 American citizens

by Infidelesto on September 11, 2008 · 8 comments

Do you like this story?

But extremists will tell you their celebrations were warranted, because after all, we deserved it…

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  • pat

    And people are going to vote for Barack Obama…..why?  Wow.  How soon we (not me) forget.

  • Liz

    They are evil and evil should be wiped out. Go Israel. Take them out. Go after Iran since America doesn’t seem to be able to manage it.

  • jennyjen

    Israel has every right to blow these nutjobs sky high and the UN keeps stopping them. Let’s move the UN HQ to Pakistan and then let loose on some American Terror. Right now it seems to be the last resort and we are just hit that on ramp.

  • carolyne

    Yea, back you all & Israel all the way!  Get’er Done!

  • carolyne

    Extremist like the so called (Reverend) Wright.  IMO he’s about as Reverend as the devil.  Can you get this about Obama making fun of McCain not sending an e-mail, let’s all send Obama one saying – listen you and listen up good.  McCain can’t comb his hair, tie his shoe laces or type on a keyboard.  Why???  Well because of tortured fingers.  Humm, Obama boy you would be crying if anyone said that about you, we can hear it now.  BOO HOO,  BOO HOO, you big baby, MO would then be saying how down right mean we in America are. Whine, Whine!  Wonder if Charlie Gibson would talk down to you on that???  OH NO!  He sure wasted no time talking down to Sarah Palin, but she’s a big girl and handled him alright.  Surprise, surprise,  what a lousy bunch of extremist and radicals you all turned out to be.  YOU DID GREAT SARAH, WITH THAT LEFTIE GIBSON and YOUR LIPSTICK LOOKED GOOD TOO! 
    One more thing!  Thought Obama wanted to stick to the issues, since Obama has so many issues – guess not, Huh!  Can’t Obama criticize something besides lipstick and fingers.  Odd don’t you think, very odd?  Sounds like Obama is on the side of those that celebrate such as this, OH yea, we deserve it, like MO said, “That’s America!”  Mixed messages don’t work!  When pigs fly!
    Change!  What Change??

  • Philip Saenz

    After November 4th we’ll have a change. We won’t have Barack Hussein Obama mouthing off and insulting John McCain and other nice people.  The liberals are running really scared and writing nasty illogical letters because they sense that Obama will be bye-bye after November 4th.  What a nice feeling it will be for sensible people on November 5th.

  • carolyne

    Yea, that will be good Philip.  It will be nice not to even hear BO’s voice anymore, it’s so tiring to listen to him, I don’t and won’t unless it is the debates.  I’ll be all ears then.  Obama has made such a mess of things it will take awhile to clean up.   Then our country will start to heal and we’ll get back on track.  Obama along with the libs have really acted like people with no rhyme or reason and like they could care less about America.   All these people have a self-destructive attitude.  Really weird how the media has flamed the fire and acted as though it’s alright to just lie.  Their conscious has been seered with a hot iron.  The truth will prevail.  America will be blessed by McCain/Palin.  I am so grateful for those two.  A breath of fresh air.

  • Anonymous

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