Al Qaeda decapitates 12 Mauritanian Soldiers

by Kal El on October 1, 2008 · 2 comments

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A nice way to kick off Eid ul Fitr, for al Qaeda in the Maghreb.

Mauritania says 12 held by al Qaeda were decapitated

NOUAKCHOTT, Sept 20 (Reuters) – Twelve Mauritanian soldiers who were abducted in an attack on their patrol claimed by al Qaeda have been found killed with their heads cut off, a senior official of the ruling military junta said on Saturday.

The soldiers had been missing since Monday, when gunmen ambushed their patrol in the northern Zouerate iron ore mining region of the West Saharan Islamic state.

Al Qaeda’s North Africa wing had claimed responsibility for the attack and said it had captured the soldiers.

Mauritanian officials said their bodies were found on Saturday in the Tourine area, 70 km (45 miles) from Zouerate.

“Their bodies were found this morning after a search … they were mutilated and had their heads cut off,” Ahmed Bemba Ould Baya, secretary general of Mauritania’s ruling High Council of State, told Reuters.

A Mauritanian army officer had earlier said the soldiers had been found with their throats cut.

Mauritania’s military rulers, who took power in a coup last month that overthrew the elected civilian president, Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, have called for international support to fight what they say is a serious terrorist threat in West Africa.

Sickening, but not at all surprising, coming from the adherents of the religion of peace.

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  • ender

    Mauritanian– who? what? where? never heard of them and are there any left now that a dozen have been killed?  Are they making these names up with a muslim scrabble board?  so more muslims killing muslims, think they would run out eventually.

  • Kal

    Mauritania is one of many countries in north Africa invaded by muslim armies starting in the 700s. LOL@ the scrabble board :D I find it sadly ironic that our media makes no mention of Africans being killed by muslims (African or Arab) but when the white man (American/European military) go in and kill bad guys, they all cry foul/racism/colonialism/what have you.

    As for running out, see Storm’s comment about the Borg and remember that they do not assimilate into any culture of any country they invade. They intend to assimilate the host country into islam. They come, they get on welfare, and they breed (many clerics have said “we will defeat you with the wombs of our women” or some variant). That is how the caliphate that spanned from Spain to Persia came to be, about 1000 years ago.