Finnish blogger 'criticizes' (tells TRUTH about) islam, gets censored

by Kal El on October 20, 2008 · 5 comments

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Things just keep getting ugiler in Europe, much like in the 1930′s. Appease, appease, appease!

Another Finnish Blogger Gets Censored

Tundra Tabloids September 30 2008

It’s soon election time here in Finland, with many online news organizations offering space on their web pages for guest bloggers to comment on the various issues and events surrounding and effecting the municipal elections which are slated to be held very shortly.

The main message for this election couldn’t be any clearer, it’s an issue about our freedom of speech. Do we Westerners prefer the rights of humans or the rights of gods?

Finnish blogger Jiri Keronen recently received a major slap from one of them, Finland’s online news magazine, Uusi Suomi (New Finland), by deleting his election blog (formerly viewable at their online website) for publishing a post on his own web log, Helvetin puutarha (Hell’s Garden) that was critical of Islam.

Keronen wrote a blog post titled “Islam tells you to kill all those who dare to criticize Islam” which very correctly depicted what had happened to the publisher, Martin Rynja, who dared to publish Sherry Jones book on Mohamed’s pedophile escapades with the nine year old, Aisha, “The Jewel of Medina“.

Keronon also states on his own blog that prior to his entire election blog being totally removed by Uusi Suomi on their website, some of his other writings had been quietly deleted, like the blog post, “Islam causes violence towards women“. Please bear in mind that all of his writings were well researched and factual, there is absolutely nothing in them that could be considered as incitement.

The facts are that Jiri Keronon is being slapped down by a supposed “conservative news organization” just because he was presenting a critical view of Islam, nothing more, nothing less. Keronon responds to the censorship by Uusi Suomi in a post aptly titled “Uusi Suomi is not committed to good journalistic practices“(in Finnish).

The entire situation is untenable as it outrageous. For you non-Finnish speakers, click here for a weak Google translation of his blog posts about the censorship, I believe that a good understanding on what’s what can be ascertained from it. KGS

Learn more about the author of the post here. And be sure to offer him your support in fighting the good fight.

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  • Chris

    Such cowards, the longer the problem with Islam is ignored the worse it will get.

  • Robert B.

    The fanatics of any religion are so afraid of what they believe in is wrong that they will not allow another to criticize it or discuss it’s failings. typical of most weak-minded individuals, the fanatic will lash out at anyone who dares dispute his prophet, god, or deity.

    We can only hope that the wiser people in Europe can reassert themselves and reagin control from those people. I only hope it is not too late for us on this side of the Atlantic. Western civilisation is under attack, daily… minute by minute, by the forces of evil and the all-too-culpable media.

  • Jeff

    Why  is it that Christianity and Judaism on a daily basis are openly criticised, but islam gets a free pass ?

    Why is it that Muslims DEMAND tolerance, and are IN FACT, THE MOST INTOLERANT NATIONS ON THE PLANET ?

    Why ?

  • Robert B.

    “Why  is it that Christianity and Judaism on a daily basis are openly criticised, but islam gets a free pass ?”

    Because elderly Christians and Jewish people don’t strap bombs on their children and send them into markets and mosques.

  • svengolly

    Relax all. It is the same for all extremists. Religious, political, environmentalist, racist. You name it.
    Read the writtings iof Hitler, Napoleon and such. You will see many trends and wordings that pertain to our current situation. The past gives clues and answers to the present and future.
    It is the doom of man that he forgets! Wake up and see that we are being deceived yet again!
    Fools! We are all to blame as long as we let hate manipulate us. It is the tool of evil. Yes, you can say evil without being a religious fanatic. Evil is Evil. It has nothing to do with religion. Evil is associated with religion because religion pointed it out and in many cases promoted it too.
    It is fear and hatred that we must stop and those that would use it to their own means and devices.
    That is why the biggest coupes have alway attacked the intellectuals first under the guise of zealotry and pioty. The thing to fear is FEAR!
    Those that use it would not get anywhere if we did not let them.
    “Suppose they started a war and no one came” to it. History teaches us yet again.
    Look to the past my brothers and sisters and learn to see evil for what it is!