Five killed in blasts as Christian families get incentives to return to Mosul

by Kal El on October 23, 2008 · 2 comments

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While over all violence is down in Iraq, the muslim jihadists, no longer killing each other, are now targeting the Christian Iraqis.

A car bomb went off Wednesday in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, killing four civilians, police said. A police officer in Ninevah province conveyed the bomb went off in a parked car in a predominantly Sunni area of this city, where violence has continued against Christians and other religious minorities.

According to the AP, Mosul officials said few of the nearly 10,000 Christians chased from their homes earlier this month are returning to the city. Every Christian family that comes back to Mosul would receive 1 million Iraqi dinars — about $865 — on orders of the prime minister, said Jawdat Ismaeel, a local migration official.

Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq, the Iraqi military commander for Ninevah province, said the government was fulfilling its responsibility to “give protection to every family that returns home.” According to him, checkpoints and foot patrols were helping to improve the security situation in Mosul. “We urge other families to come back,” Tawfiq said. “We will ensure their protection.”

In Baghdad, meanwhile, police and hospital officials said three separate blasts killed a sick man being transported in an ambulance and wounded 11 others.

This is what muslims mean when they talk about religious tolerance. We tolerate them blowing us up, since we are kuffar.

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  • Gregory

    I now think that it was a big mistake to get rid of Saddam. He didn’t like the stinking shiites, (neither do I) but he kept things safe for Christians. And I can’t understand why his troops were so effective but the current troops (trained by Americans) are so ineffective. The whole thing pisses me off.

  • jennyjen

    Saddam used intense fear to control the shiites