Geert Wilders: "Appointing a Moroccan as mayor of the second largest Dutch city is just as ridiculous as appointing a Dutchman as mayor of Mecca"

by Infidelesto on October 17, 2008 · 4 comments

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Wilders is the first of his kind in Europe, and the ONE politician that gives the West a glimmer of hope in it’s fight against the totalitarian Islamist threat to the West.

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AMSTERDAMThe right-wing leader of Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, on Friday slammed the upcoming appointment of Moroccan Ahmed Aboutaleb as mayor of Rotterdam.

“Appointing a Moroccan as mayor of the second largest Dutch city is just as ridiculous as appointing a Dutchman as mayor of Mecca,” he said.

Instead, Wilders said, Aboutaleb “should become mayor of Rabat in Morocco.”

“With him as mayor, Rotterdam apartments will be Rabat on the banks of the river Maas. Soon we may even have an imam serving as arch bishop. This is madness.”

On Friday, the city council of Rotterdam determined Moroccan-born Muslim Ahmed Aboutaleb will be mayor from 1 January.

The government still has to approve 47-year-old Aboutaleb’s appointment, but this is considered a formality.

The Labour politician is the first mayor to be born and raised outside the Netherlands. He is also the first Muslim to become a mayor in the Netherlands.

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  • Canadian Islamic Congress

    Let me warn you that any slight criticism of Islam or its exalted infallible Prophet Mohammad is a direct attck on the person of 1,600 million Muslims and is discrimination against all muslims of the world and we will declare jihad on you.

    If you don’t believe us, then ask your friendly, activist, busybody, government paid, social worker and leftist / socialist, who has an alliance with us, because we are against American imperialism (but obviously not Islamic imperialism) and they are ignorant one-dimensional dupes and useful idiots.

    Do not dare to criticize Islam or we will take you to the Canadian Human Rights Commisions (3 tribunals at a time).

  • Chris

    It must be the liberals, they want to show how tolerant they are. The only problem is that Muslims will not return the favor.

  • Vincent

    Mr. Aboutaleb is not an Islamist. He’s a democratic politician and a Dutch national. In fact, Mr. Aboutaleb is on Islamists death lists because he’s considered a traitor because of his loyalty to democratic values.

  • CM

    I’m for religious and cultural tolerance. I’m against Islamic extremism, which promotes oppression through violence and intimidation. I think it’s great that a Muslim, who I’m guessing is non-extremist, is being represented in the Dutch government.

    *scratches forehead* Does being in favor of religious tolerance make me a leftist liberal? If it does, why is it implied that being a leftist liberal is a bad thing? Isn’t this what we wish more Islamic states would be like — tolerant and inclusive?