Islamic Leaders to Non-Muslims: Do not Question Islam

by admin on October 18, 2008 · 4 comments

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Christopher Logan

As we surf across net it is very clear to see that the criticism of Islam is on the rise. This is obviously because the non-Islamic world has become more aware of the threat that Islam brings to our way of life, as the Islamic way of life and our way do not mix. When there is a problem people have every right to speak up and try and deal with that problem, but according to Islamic leaders we do not have that right. More and more high ranking Muslims are coming out and basically telling us to shut up and not to question Islam. Here are some examples of this type of behaviour.

Non-Muslims in Malaysia have been warned by state rulers not to question the supremacy of Islam or the special privileges given to the Malay Muslim majority there. The Muslim rulers have said that questioning of Islam and the superior standing of Islam “can lead to disunity and racial strife that can undermine the peace and harmony”. In other words just shut up, convert or live like a dhimmi.

This week a fatwa issued by a committee from the highest authority in Sunni Islam, Egypt’s Al-Azhar University in Cairo has stated that Muslims have the right under Islam to hack into the websites of non-Muslims that are fighting back in the information war.

Approximately two months ago the Human Rights Council at the United Nations had banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic world. Muslims are obviously very worried that the ugly truth about Islam is getting out to more and more people, which means that we are doing a good job. Keep up the good work everyone!

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  • dawn weinberg

    YOU keep up the good work!! you get out the FACTS,   just the facts, well-researshed, well-documented. That’s what drives the side CRAZY.  You can’t
    really argue with FACTS…….just call names. heh,heh,heh.    id

  • Jeff

    Are you sure this came from  Islamic leaders or the staff at Youtube ? (AKA SuadiTube, Dhimmitube, LiberallooneybinTube)
     Truth hurts, people can’t fight against it with rational thought or logic. The end result is to shut us up. The far left and islam “loves freedom of speech”, only when they are doing the talking.  Nothing else is tolerated.

  • Chris

    The liberals are just pawns for the Islamic leaders. They will be sacrificed if Islam takes over.

  • Storm-Rider

    The political and legal aspects of Islam, known as Sharia, are totalitarian; and correspond to the totalitarian political and legal aspects of Nazi Germany.

    Our founding fathers were the worst nightmare for the totalitarian system of the British Empire in 1776. My father’s generation was the worst nightmare for the totalitarianism of Nazi Germany in World War II. Americans of my generation were the worst nightmare for the totalitarianism of International Communism during the Cold War - World War III. America is now the worst nightmare for totalitarian Islam in our current struggle against the international alliance of Islamo-Fascism – World War IV.

    The very idea of human freedom scares the hell out of tyrants of all stripes; they fear and loathe the freedom of other men; especially those men who understand their duty to defend their own lives and their freedom, and who have the means and courage to do so.
     Long live human freedom. Long live God-given American Liberty, and to hell with our totalitarian enemies.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.