Once A Sign Of Hope, Afghan Highway Becomes A Taliban Hunting Ground

by Kal El on October 26, 2008 · 3 comments

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As the situation in Iraq improves, Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, thanks to the jihadist Taliban, and their cohorts in the Pakistani tribal region who shelter them.

Following its reconstruction in 2003, the Kabul-to-Kandahar highway was seen as a logistical lifeline that would bring hope and promise for Afghanistan’s future.

But today the nearly 500-kilometer route, known as Highway One, might arguably symbolize the dangers ahead as the country continues its efforts to defeat the Taliban and other “enemies of Afghanistan,” to borrow the government’s phrase for insurgents and other brigands undermining central authority.

Afghans who use the road warn that it has become exceedingly treacherous, with Taliban and other armed gangs frequently kidnapping and killing travelers between the capital and the southern city of Kandahar.

Locals working with the government, aid agencies, or connected to Westerners are targeted. So, too, are Western and Afghan convoys ferrying supplies between foreign military bases along the route.

“Armed people, Taliban, or whoever it is using their name stop vehicles on the highway,” Kandahar resident Zainullah says in describing a recent experience on Highway 1 to RFE/RL. “[The armed men] take a few passenger buses away and search them thoroughly; they take away people whom they suspect [work for the government or are their opponents] and kidnap and kill them.”

He complains that “Afghan police or the Afghan National Army are nowhere to be seen along the road.”

“The Taliban even stop and confiscate vehicles very close to the police checkposts,” Zainullah says, “but the police do little to stop them.”

nsurgent Tactic

Over the past six months, security concerns about Afghanistan’s main highway, or ring road — portions of which stretch from the capital in east-central Afghanistan to Kandahar in the south, and from there to Herat in the west — have risen dramatically.

Last week, a bus carrying 50 people traveling from Kandahar to Herat was ambushed by Taliban forces. Days later, a purported Taliban spokesman announced that 27 of the passengers had been executed after a Taliban court determined that they were Afghan National Army troops.

On the Kabul-to-Kandahar route in late June, a convoy carrying fuel and food supplies for the U.S. military came under attack. The ambush reportedly left seven drivers dead.

The incidents are part of an apparent Taliban strategy to put pressure on the government by increasing attacks on three major routes leading from the east, southeast, and southwest to the capital, Kabul.

Disrupting Highway One, whose reconstruction was a joint effort funded in large part by the United States, Japan, and Saudi Arabia — is a major part of that strategy.

Once a symbol of the Cold War struggle for influence — the Kandahar-Herat section was built by the Soviets, the Kabul-Kandahar route by the United States in the 1960s — it had most recently been showcased as evidence of the West’s commitment to rebuilding Afghanistan.

The Kabul-to-Kandahar route was reconstructed after eight months of work in 2003, at an estimated cost of nearly $200 million.

The reconstruction of the 560-kilometer Kandahar-to-Herat route began in 2004, was projected to cost another $300 million, and was slated for completion in 2006. That has not happened, largely for security reasons, and subsequent U.S. estimates have suggested the road will be completed by the end of this year, “as stipulated in the Afghan Compact” with the United States, according to US AID.

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  • http://www.mosquewatch.blogspot.com Jeff

    “As the situation in Iraq improves, Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, thanks to the jihadist Taliban”

    Kal, I with respect , disagree. Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, thanks to idiot liberals and lawyers that wont let our troops bomb, shoot and kill terrorists. We have the most powerful military on the planet, if we don’t use it, why the hell do WE HAVE IT ?  

    When we have video of a bunch of idiots at a funeral mourning a dead terrorist….

    I call that a great target, the libs would call it a massacre. How can we massacre people that live too die ?  Personal opinion only, the Arab Muslims would respect and FEAR US  alot more, if the body count on their side goes up.

    Our kind hearts will be our undoing. We gave Japan 2 good reasons, they gave up. I’m not calling for the nuclear optiong, I’m just calling for the option of kicking the living hell out of our enemy and let the “Collateral damage” point me mute. Sod them, they don’t care about our colleteral damage, why should we ?

  • http://www.mosquewatch.blogspot.com Jeff

    optiong ? I told you I was a dumb Ameican ;) lol

  • Kal


    LOL @ optiong :) Point made, especially about collateral damage. However most of those on Capitol Hill are infected with political correctness and won’t even call an islamic jihadist and islamic jihadist, much less let America’s Finest do the job no one else on the planet is able (or willing) to do.