Quebec man's Web messages urge Al-Qa'ida to attack Canada

by Kal El on October 19, 2008 · View Comments

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Yeah, this loon is a really ‘peaceful’ example of islam in Canada.

A Quebec man has posted messages on the Internet encouraging Al-Qa’ida to attack Canada, the latest in a series of similar sentiments that are worrying counterterrorism officials.

The author of the messages, who uses the pseudonym Altar, praised terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and asked why Al-Qa’ida was focusing its efforts only on Europe instead of Canada.

“Allah is great and may Allah bless Sheikh bin Laden. May the sword held by the hand of Al-Qa’ida hit not only Europe, but hit all our enemies. Wherever they are,” he wrote in a Sept. 25 posting.

“Me, I live in Canada and the Canadian government supports the Americans. The government of Canada supports Israel. Canadian soldiers are sent to Afghanistan and Iraq. Now it’s Canada’s turn,” the author said.

A copy of the message, posted to a French-based Internet forum called Minbarsos, was found by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors terrorist websites. However, it appeared to have been removed from the Minbarsos site yesterday.

In his online biography, Altar writes that he is a Sunni Muslim who lives in Quebec and that “I want to chase the non-Muslims from Canada. Only their deaths will make Islam triumphant. God is Great.”

The message concludes: “May Allah guide us to always defend our religion. Whether the Crusaders be in Iraq or in Ottawa, the sword of Islam will fall on their head. God is Great.”

This kind of rhetoric has been appearing increasingly on the Internet, often the work of young radicals who join online forums that promote Al-Qa’ida.

Funny how you always read about muslim extremists inciting hate, violence, and all sorts of islamic goodies against the infidels, and no one bats an eyelash. But let one insignificant kafir criticize or mock pedophile Muhammad’s mad cult, and everyone cries foul, or tries to make criticizing islam a crime.

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