Scotland: Muslims whine over "harrassment" at Glasgow airport

by Kal El on October 20, 2008 · 7 comments

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Personally, if I get mistaken for someone of middle eastern descent and asked a few more questions in an airport, I feel safer, knowing that they are asking questions. People from countries where folk have a propensity to blow themselves up, cut people’s heads off and drive bomb laden vehicles into embassies think it is unfair to be singled out, calling it harrassment. I think it’s unfair I even have to worry about someone with the potential to blow himself up on a plane, bus, train, etc… when I travel.

A protest has been staged outside Strathclyde Police headquarters over alleged “harassment” of Muslim travellers at Glasgow Airport.

About 60 demonstrators claimed that Pakistani and Afghan passengers had been “interrogated” for up to three hours by officers from Special Branch.

They accused police of operating “discriminatory policies”.

Strathclyde Police said it welcomed dialogue over the implementation of terrorism legislation.

President of the Scottish Afghan Society, Mohammad Asif, said Strathclyde Police had a duty to treat Muslim passengers like “human beings”.

“Muslim community members have been singled out for questioning for no apparent reason other than being Afghan or Pakistani,” he said.

“This treatment is unacceptable in a democracy and we are fed up with the discriminatory policies of Strathclyde Police Special Branch.

“We cannot bear the psychological torture anymore. The authorities treat us like terrorists, as well as putting pressure on Afghans to become informers and spies, but we are not going to be intimidated and pressurised.”

Strathclyde Police issued a statement saying that a study was under way into the application of terrorism legislation at ports in Scotland.

The statement said: “This is to ensure that these powers are used effectively and are enforced with due regard to community impact and, at the same time, promote understanding and support.

“This study is being carried out under the direction of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.

“In that regard we would welcome dialogue from anyone in the community who may have concerns regarding how the legislation is implemented.”

Yeah, it’s much better to have another shoe-bomber, or hijacker(s) take a plane’s passengers hostage than to offend a muslim’s feelings by subjecting people to additional security measures.

Original article available here.

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  • GeorgeOfTheJungle

    Good. I agree. I hope the Strathclyde Police and Border Guards tighten it up even more and not give in to these whiners because they feel that they may have to be more PC!
    12078 deadly, atrocious and ignorant attacks around the world by muslims since 9/11. And they feel harassed by security checks at airports in Scotland? Hey, Muzzies, if you don’t like it, then leave. Go back to the backwards and ignorant countries from which you came.

  • jennyjen

    If you don’t want to be harassed, don’t travel! It’s that easy folks!
    I don’t travel to Iran or Pakistan because I have this gut feelin that I would not fit in there and would probably be harassed. Possibly jailed, maybe executed but to avoid it all, I just don’t go and won’t go unless armed and dangerous.

  • Chris

    If they do not like it they can stay in Islamic countries.

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  • ender

    when one of the msm’s interviewed the owner of jet blue they accused him of-gasp- “racial profiling”.  he answered “we don’t racial profile, we just refuse to harass an elderly grand mother going to Florida to see her grandkids.  but if you appear to be of middle eastern decent, male between the ages of 15 and 40, yes we will check you out. its not racial profiling, its just good customer service.”
    of course this was before all the recent troubles and are probably like TWA (travel with arabs) now.
    heres a clue, stop blowing shit up, maybe then people will trust you, duh.

  • jennyjen

    Excellent response by the owner, it makes total sense and isn’t dripping with PC and appeasement! Of course, “making sense” has lost it’s place in the MSM. Oh how I miss it so!!!

  • Tonto (USA)

    You know, I met a lot of people that are from all over the world.  many were very nice folks.  However, most of us can agree that there is a problem in the world with muzleems attacking and harming others.  It would just seem prudent to use profiling of some sort to try to sort out those who’s intentions are less than gentle.  Facial, physical, racial types (mostly from the middle east), along with people that act in unusual ways are, unfortunately, singled out for scrutiny.  Anyone of those types should be aware and tolerant of that concern.  If they bitch and create a scene, the scrutiny will only become more severe.  At least I would hope so, since raising hell usually means that something is “up”.  My answer to them would be “suck it up, cupcake”.